Purple Hair Perhaps

My hands are bleached, dry, winkley not to mentioned a bit deformed.  So there is that.

And how was your day?  

Stayed home today.  Deep cleaned the kitchen, we did.  It was Tuesday which is the normal day for our housekeeper, Bertha.  Not today.  Not for awhile.  So, Rayman and I did a deep dive into the land of knives, mixers, blenders, ovens, stoves, refrigerator.  The work is so boring I’m not going to continue on this subject.  Our new habit is going to be to clean one room a day.  And when we are done with them all, we will begin again.  I dread the den.  Papers, albums, papers, stationery, paper, and everything we don’t know where else to put it.  Le den.  It make take a few days.  

Watched a movie tonight.  JoJo Rabbit.  Did you see it?  If not, check it out.  Very good entertainment about nazi Germany.  I know.  How is that a thing?  Trust me.  It is good.

Finished my book about a young woman that rode in a horse race across the steppes of Mongolia.  If you are a horse person, or a woman, or an overachiever, or Mr. Ed, you would like this book.  Reach out if you want to know the name…of the book.


Watched Gov. Cuomo this a.m.  He is doing an update on the status of NYC.  He makes Trump look like a cheap suit.  He is facing a huge crisis of not enough ventilators.  CDC is sending like 400.  He needs 40,000.  Just think how you would feel if you were in his shoes.  What Trump is doing is reckless and irresponsible.  Never in my life have I seen such negligence in governing.  We may be screwed.  Now he has disappeared Dr. Fauci.  He says churches will be filled on Easter.  He wants to just ignore the reality so he can give to the CEOs of all his favorite companies huge amounts of our money (read taxpayers) to save their businesses rather than peoples’ lives.  Naked opportunism for the wealthy.  Screw the rest of us.   He lies to us every day with his mealy mouth presentations.

Listen, people, I like to make my blogs fun and he is undermining my efforts here.  It is all his fault.  But as a canny individual, I will not fall in the trap.

So, I digressed.

Spoke to a neighbor today.  That felt good.

The disaster of the day was the bread I baked.  Somehow my baking is eluding me so this is a serious situation.  I measured out the flours on my kitchen scale.  I measured everything precisely and yet…when the first rising rose, there was residual water in the bowl.  That’s never happened before.  So, I threw flour at the problem.  Didn’t want to throw all the flour and yeast away.  Then I placed the sticky dough on the towel as instructed, folded the towel around the dough and waited for the second rise.  When I went to throw the dough into the heated pan, the dough stuck to the towel (yes, I floured the towel).  So there I was, elbow deep in long strands of clingy wet dough, furiously trying to get a majority of it into the hot dutch oven.  Thank goodness the filming crew wasn’t here to capture the scene!!  It looked, well, pathetic.  We are now eating a weird loaf of bread, soft instead hard.  Geez.

Made a fresh green salad with avocado from the local avocado ranch here in Morro Bay, red onion, hot house cherry tomatoes from Mexico…just because I was desperate for a tomato, organic lettuce (Romaine from the area), and a great homemade dressing.  So there was that.

Did some laundry. Cut my nails.  Installed some batteries in a new headphone for the Rayman.  We had one headphone we had never used (don’t ask).  My works on bluetooth.  His new one that was delivered today from Amazon are plugged into audio in and audio out jacks on our Smart TV.  Tomorrow night is our test run to see if they will both work simultaneously.  

As an aside, it just took me four attempts to spell simultaneously.  I still don’t now if it is spelled right.  But do you ever do that?  Just forget about how something is spelled?  And it doesn’t have to be a long word.  It could be short…cleeve.  You know the word, you know how to spell the word but the word won’t come.  Poof.  

Have you been having bizarre dreams lately?  Yeah,me too.  

You know the other thing I’m not looking forward to is dusting that chandelier over the dining room table.  What was I thinking when I bought that thing?

Hang in there everyone…it’s going to get worse.  Maybe I will get to the point of dying my hair purple.  Great time to experiment!!

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