Zion and the Virgin River Day

Today we bursted forth to visit Zion.  It’s been a lifetime since the last visit for me.  Rayman had never visited.  We both were wowed.

No calamity befell us.  We rode on the shuttle until the end of the line after watching the movie at the Visitor’s Center.  And then we jumped off and hoofed it back along the Virgin River.  We tumbled over dead trees, gazed skyward and saw a condor, we believe.  Butterflies were flitting.  And it was hot.

Rayman on road with trees, mountains, warning sign.

Rayman on road with trees, mountains, warning sign.

Made a big mistake.  Wore levis and teeshirts with an outer shirt to protect us from the sun.  Oops.  I forgot my hat.  It was in the car and by the time it was time to don it, we were too invested in time to return to the car.  So, I did what many who had gone before me did.  I bought a new hat!!  It was reasonably priced and a neutral color.  It’s mine now.

It was very obvious we were not prepared for any serious hiking.  Firstly, we waited to late to get going this a.m.  I did not bring my walking stick with me (it was in the RV).  Our water containers were bulky and had to be handheld.

With all those challenges, we still managed to enjoy the experience.  The sandstone rock.  The river.  The greenery in the form of trees, shrubs, grasses.  And the prickly pear cactus.  That is a very successful plant, that cactus.  It grows everywhere.  Even in Zion.  And some of it was still in bloom.


Me on the bank of the Virgin River

Rock climbers were climbing up the shear side of two different “rocks”.  I can barely watch that so afraid am I that I will witness a fall.  Much scarier to watch than the trapeze because the trapeze has a net.  These guys/gals go up these giant mountains with nothing that I know of to back them up.  They do, however, have something to help them down…called gravity.  Gut wrenching.  So I sneaked a peek and then looked away.

Here’s some info about Zion that you might enjoy.  And if you haven’t ever visited, you should go.  Put it on your bucket list.


We have friends that live in St. George which is an hour’s drive away from the park.  And we went to dinner at their home last night.  Isn’t it fun catching up?  They have lived in Utah for 11 years now and this is only our second visit so there plenty to laugh about.  Talk about.  And they agreed to dog sit for us today.  So Beau had company all day which was fabulous because today, of all days, the park we are staying in slurry sealed the street that leads to our RV parking space.  Great timing, uh?  Beau probably would have tried to supervise the heavy equipment while were away so having our friends, Dick and Barb, keep Beau was a fine development.  And everyone seemed happy when we returned.

Tomorrow golf is on the agenda so unless the Rayman screws himself into the ground while swinging his club, I won’t have much to report.  Oh, wait.  Maybe he’ll get a hole in one.  If he does, I promise I will write again.


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