Winers in Marlborough Country

Went wine tasting today on a tour. Here’s half the group. It’s us and the Brits. The two far left are on a world tour, backpacking. The people next to us are from London and he’s a chef. Much to discuss!!
Big Fred there was really, really tall. 6’11’. He ducked everywhere he went. And get this. He and his girlfriend, not pictured, just arrived from Antarctica where they lived and worked for 15 months. And that was their 3rd stint. We ended up having dinner with them. Interesting stuff. He was a biology teacher in Kansas before the Antarctica which prompted me to say, “I get the impression Kansas is anti-science”. Fred laughed and said the problem in Kansas is that people don’t vote. There are a lot of immigrants he explained. I didn’t quite understand his point, but hey, I met a man from Kansas and he was reasonable…and very, very, big. His girlfriend, Desiree, hailed from Texas. I didn’t bring up Perry because I’m not sure of Perry’s status now. Haven’t seen any news in a days. For all I know he’s said enough stupid things to get himself either out of race or leading the race. Incidentally, Fred and Desiree ascribe to global warming.

Here’s a few more pictures.
Looks a bit like CA.

Me out standing by the vineyard.

Hate to leave Picton. It is very picturesque and small and our room was wonderful and warm and comfy. However, it is time to move on to Christchurch on the train!!

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