We’re finally on vacation

We slept in today.  Why do I feel guilty?  Perhaps it’s because I’m not doing much today, Sunday, our day of rest.  It feels different.  You know, at home, we would having a dinner party, playing golf, dashing here and dashing there.  We would know how to get there too!!  Just for you that think we are daft…we disabled our iphones so that we wouldn’t rack up a big telephone bill and that’s the main reason we keep getting lost.  We don’t have GPS.  This seems to be a major catastrophe.

Today, I washed sheets and towels and hung them on the clothes line (everyone has a clothes line).  Our hosts have a dryer but probably only use it in winter or when it’s raining.  We see clothes on lines in many of the neighbor’s backyards.  And I think that is the charm of swapping houses.  You really get a sense of how people in the country you are visiting live their lives.  Ray ironed clothes and seemed to enjoy it because of their iron.

It is unlike any iron we have ever seen.  But is a marvelous.  It took Ray half the time to iron because that bottom that the iron sits on is caldron of boiling water.  It operates with the water under pressure.  You get instant steam and lots of it (but not too much.  Just right).  And you can put the hot iron down right on top.  Admittedly I should be listing all the fabulous places we saw today…but, hey, ironing was a new learning experience.  Ray, by the way, is pictured above relaxing on the sofa reading How to Kill Your Husband, a book he selected out of the very few choices he had.  I had no input.  I repeat.  I had no input.

Below is a picture of the downstairs hallway.  Viva la colour!!

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