We Can Be Friends


Beau in route. Grand Staircase area of Utah.

Sunday, May 15 we got up with slight handovers from a party we attended Saturday night.  Too much fun with our friends, Dick and Barb.  They hosted 26 people in their home in St. George.  A wine tasting party with half the couples bringing the wine and the other half matching appetizers to the wine selection.  Great format.  Fun event.  However, overindulgence occurred.

So, up early and off on our next adventure.  We planned to travel from St. George, to Cannonville, UT with a detour through the Kolob Canyon which is just off Interstate 15 and actually part of Zion National Park.  Beautiful drive.  A 5 mile loop.  We did not hitch up the toad to The Dog House because of elevation changes.

Kolob Ca

Kolob Canyon

After viewing the Canyon, we hitched up.  And I took the wheel.  We took the state route 14 out of Cedar City.  It was straight up hill.  And our old Dog House was not happy.  Think 25 miles an hour.  When I pulled over to let the lone car behind us pass, they slowed down and told us that our wheels on the Fit were geehawed.  So we stopped and by gosh, they were right.  I won’t bore you with the details.  We unhitched the car because the grade was so steep.  I drove the  Dog House on SR 14 all the way.   It was slow.  It was narrow.  Damn, I’m good.  We were in the snow though none on the road.  It was a fabulous drive.  No semi trucks there.

We hooked up the car to the RV once we were over the mountain up on a plateau.  Rayman drove us to Cannonville, Utah  where we checked into a KOA campground.  So much nicer than the one we were in in St. George.  It has trees!!  We are at 6,000 ft.  We unhitched the Fit and headed back to Bryce.

The country is so beautiful it is hard to overstate it.  Just saying.

When we arrived at the gate to the park, the ranger in the booth greeted us.  Rayman said, “Hi, how are you today?”  The ranger replied, “I’m overworked and underpaid.  I’m far away from home and I tired and cranky.”  Rayman, without missing beat retorted, “Me too.  We can be friends.”  The guy got a kick out of that.  So did we!!

So, off we went to check out Bryce National Park.  Wowie, zowie.  Fabulous.  Here are pictures to prove it.

Rayman and Bryce

Rayman and Bryce


See what I mean?

When we returned to base camp, we fired up the barbie and I made a Greek salad, prepared asparagus for the barbie as well as a rack of lamb.  Paired that with Talley growler wine, pesto left over from a few nights ago.  And we washed it down with more Talley.  OMG.  It was after 7 before we sat down to eat.  We were ravenous.  It was a fabulous dinner.   And then we had chocolate and port.  We know how to live!!

And now it is 9:18 and I’m exhausted.  A very long day.  And so much fun!!!


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