Tour of the Farm

This morning we got a tour of the farm and it was a hair raiser. I was sitting next to Keith on the ATV and Rayman was hanging off the other side. We went up and down, hill and dale. No seat belts here. I thought I was a goner several times. I literally held on for dear life and my camera. Ray did too. It was a definite E ride. Do they even have those anymore?

It is a few minutes after 7 p.m. and it is really raining. Poor lambs. They are stuck outside in the mud. We have a cozy fire inside and are listening to the cloud burst. Given that this farm is higher in elevation, I’m thinking it rains here more than the flatter land. But I digress.

So, this morning we jumped on the ATV and off we went. Let me show you where.
It’s hard to get perspective here. I named this shot ‘top of the world’ but we went higher still. Here’s another picture.

Here’s Ray at the very top. Too bad it was cloudy this morning…actually it felt like fog as we’re not too far from the ocean here. And below is a picture of Ray and Keith and some of the dogs.
These dogs are amazing. As soon as Keith took them off their leashes, they started running and they rarely stopped. He would yell a command and they would follow orders. And Keith had various whistles which meant different things to the dogs. Keith did us a favor of having the dog on the right, Bob, herd the sheep from the side of the mountain to us. Here’s the progression. Note: the first two pictures are taken with some zoom.



And as soon as the dogs were called off, they headed for the water. There are ponds located here and there on the farm and the dogs love them for a bath to cool off. It was so much fun to watch and part of that was because we weren’t moving!!!

That was the highlight of our day. So impressive.

Tomorrow we head for Gisborne, NZ. This is the closest city to the international date line so we need to get up before dawn on Thursday to watch the sun come up so we can say we saw it before anyone else on earth. So, we will spend tomorrow night there. And it’s our 20th anniversary so we will find a good restaurant and celebrate…because it has been GREAT!!

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