The Virtue of Remaining Unmolested

There are a few other interesting things that I have noticed in our travails.

Do we look like we’re asking for the worst spot at the RV park when we sign in?  or is this just a coincidence?  Do we look like the perfect couple to put in a direct landing pattern spot when there are other sites available.?  Are we alone on this or does it happen to you?

Really, folks.  This park is mostly empty and we the one that small planes and helicopters use to hone into the runway.

The swimming pool looks like Cocoon.  Let me explain.  The swimming area has a lap pool and a “splash” pool.  So, all the people gravitate to the splash pool leaving the lap pool unmolested.  And the people in the splash pool hold on to these styrofoam snake-shaped things.  Now, mind you, the pool is only 4 feet deep.  So why they need those snake-shaped things is beyond my wild imagination.  But there they are.  Cocooning in Yuma.  And some of the people are sporting hefty tans.  They have not gotten the memo.


The unmolested lap pool.

The funny thing is…I have rediscovered my love of swimming.  I was a pretty good swimmer when I was a kid.  There was a plunge located across a street and a meridian from where we were living in Atascadero.  Oddly, it was located behind a church.  In the morning I was out the door and going to the pool.  Too young to take the advanced swimming classes, my modus operandi was to sit on a patch of grass and watch the older kids take their lessons.   As the clock rolled around, it would be my turn for my classes.  One of the happiest days of my life was when I finally qualified to swim in the deep end.  Nirvana.  Anyway, after the lessons, I stayed on and swam all afternoon.  No wonder I look like a lizard now.  But, oh, how happy I was in the water.  Because of my swimming laps here, I have resolved to continue swimming at the Cuesta College swimming pool at home.  They have lap swimming early and late many days and I think I will just “do it” as those Nike people say.  But no Speedos for me.  OMG.

A few random other thoughts now that we have returned from the desert.

I’m glad to live near the ocean.


Boats on Morro Bay.

My Uncle Ralph looks great.

It’s raining here today.  Yippee.  Though Beau is unhappy because he isn’t getting his walk on time.

Has anyone been watching TV?  Fortitude on Pivot.  Durst on HBO?  Going Clear on HBO?  John Oliver on HBO interviewing Edward Snowden?  Better Call Saul, I think on AMC?  House of Cards on Netflix?  TV is much better these days than the movies.  And with a big screen TV and Hi-Def, staying home has never been more fun and interesting.

Just started reading the book Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.  A real downer but very important as it is told from the American Indians’ point of view.

It’s pouring now.  Cloud burst, perhaps.  Yippee.

Hope you are having a great day!!

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