The Phone Rang


My I please preface my remarks by saying that I love my uncle.  And this is what happened just now.

Ring  ring.  The Rayman answers as he is very close to the phone.  “Hello.”  “Oh, hello.”

“ I’m not sure.  Let me ask Dianna.”

“Dianna.  Do you know the number for the groomer in Los Osos?

“Yes.”, I reply.

Rayman proceeds, “Uncle needs the number.”

I respond by saying that I will call him back.  (an aside:  at this point in the interaction, I have just taken the monkey off my Uncle’s back and safely put it on to my own back)

Click goes the phone.

So, I rummage around to find the number.  IT IS NOT IN MY IPHONE.  Drats.  So, I google the number and dial up Uncle to give him the info.  Incidentally, it’s dinner time.  Okay.  So it’s continues thus.

Uncle says, “Hello.”

I reply, “Hi, the number is xxx-xxxx.”  In unison he repeats  “xxxx.”

I say, “Oh, you have the number.”

He replies, “Of course I have the number.  Where is she?”

I answer, “In Los Osos.”


I stammer, “50”, and then I stop and say, “You are really funny.”

“JUST GIVE ME THE ADDRESS.”, he shouts with a tone implying that I knew what he wanted all along. (Of course, I didn’t which made it funnier and continued the laugh.)

“WHAT’S THE ADDRESS?”, he shouted.

“5000 Main Street.”, I inform.

“Well, okay, that’s all I wanted to know”, in a tone announcing that his exasperation is waning.



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