The Oldest Living Things in Portland

So many things have been happening.  Where to start?

As many of you know, we bought a new RV.  It came with growing pains.  It seemed to us like it had less storage, but now I think not.  It’s just different storage.  So, we have become space planners buying plastic see through boxes at a rapid rate to put our provisions in so that I can see them when I am cooking.  Spices in one.  Dry goods in another.  A regular tidy Tilly exercise.

My friend, Nancy, who is also traveling in an RV, recommended an electric frying pan for cooking outside.  Think bacon, fish…etc.  So, I bought one on-line.  It is bigger than the state of Texas.  What in the world was I thinking?  It now lives under the bed.  I better throw a party so I can use it.  What the heck can I cook in it?  Looking for ideas here, kiddies!!

The new digs are delightful.  A faux fireplace that blows out hot air.  An ice maker.  What they won’t think of.  Rayman is impressed with built in vacuum and the big tires.  Huge Michelins which I am happy about since we have precious cargo on board.  I’m taking about Beau here!!

We have USB plugs everywhere.  And three TVs.  OMG.  We hardly ever watch TV.  However, speaking of TVs, I think Saturday Night Live needs me.  Wouldn’t it be a hoot if they had the Dancing Trumpsters (think Dancing Itos).  Lead by the Trumpeter Swan himself.  Oh, the fun they could have with that idea.  They are missing the boat here.

Part of our draw to Oregon is that my cousin, on my dad’s side, is moving here because her two fabulous daughters live here now.  It would be great fun to have family around and now that Uncle Ralph is gone, the idea is catching on.  That and Ryan, our son, lives here too.

We met up with Ryan on Thursday for Mexican food at a Portland restaurant that required about a 30 minute standing in line wait outside on the sidewalk.  Por Que No?  was the name of the place.  Cute, inventive and the Mexican food was good and inexpensive.  We were undoubtedly the oldest people there.  Gosh, that feels funny.  Seems like just yesterday…

Then on Saturday, we met Ryan and his lady friend, Tamara.  They had just returned from Burning Man where epiphanies were realized amid sand storms and nudity.  What does it all mean?  Makes Woodstock seem quaint.  And makes me feel old.  Anyway, being with the young adults was really fun.  Tamara is a landlord several times over and just bought her 3rd house.  Works for the State of WA Transportation Department after a career in TV (behind the scenes).  After we stuffed ourselves with pulled pork, brisket, and ribs, we walked the neighborhood (Alberta) and saw one of the houses she owns nearby.  Also visited the McMinnimus Kennedy School which is now…Well, don’t take my word.  Here’s the link.

Then on Sunday, we attended a birthday party for Portland’s newest residents, Cenk and Kristen’s twins.  They turned one on the 10th.  New house.  Great neighborhood.  Lots of people came.  A cousin that hales from Alaska and now lives in Lake Oswego (not the lake itself, but the town of).  Her partner, new neighbors with children, sister Ali and her betrothed, Bernat (from Spain).  It was a hoot.  Again, we were the oldest people in attendance.  I picked up Ezgi, the one year old twin girl and she burst into tears.  Such a touch I have.  Emre, her brother was more sedate but I admittedly did not hold him.  It would have shattered me.

In between all this, Rayman and I have been driving through neighborhoods that surround Portland.  We also met with a realtor to talk about where in the world the one story houses are located.  They are a dying breed up here.  Most houses are two stories and a full basement.  It was an instructive meeting that still has us talking and scratching our heads.

Who knows what will become of us.  This much is clear.  There are lots of trees with lots of leaves that will be falling in another month.  Who rakes up those leaves, anyway.

Beau is happy.  He went riding around with us today.  Tomorrow, he won’t be so happy.  We’re off to play golf!!!  Can’t wait.  He will be bored as a post but we must get out and play a bit too.  Most of our dinners/travels only last a few hours.  Golf is a 6 hour deal by the time we drive to and fro and play.

You may think this is all fun and games.  But I’ve been busy talking to the painter of the rental house I am sprucing up to sell.  It’s on Ocean in Cayucos.  Eddie the painter, called me at least 3 times a day every day while he painted the place inside and out.  He was great.  I will miss our calls.  His check went out in the mail today.  He had a crew and they did the whole thing in about a week or so.  I hope it looks great.  The pictures do.  I highly recommend his work.  My friend, Diane Wyatt, will be meeting with the carpet salesman tomorrow and will help pick out the carpet that will be installed.  A shout out to her for her help.  And to Melissa, my pedicurist.  She and her husband picked out the inside wall colors for me.  Silk Stockings.  Uhm.  I picked the exterior paint before I left.  I don’t know what I would do without friends like these.  Thanks, guys.

Time to close.  Beau needs a walk and so do I!!!


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