The Neighbor has a Lift

Here at last…OMG we’re here at last!! The house is fabulous as is the location and it’s a sunny, bright day with some breeze and clouds. A bit on the cool side but we’re no stranger to that.

We arrived in one piece and scurried to the customs line. Everone was there. Took a long time. Went out and got in queue for a taxi. The taxi driver was not to talkative. As in, he didn’t talk. He drove and he drove us straight to our exchange home with the use of a Tom Tom. We are more than happy to arrive. The house is wonderful. I’d post pictures but the owner’s might not appreciate that so let me just describe a few things. There are windows everywhere that let a view of the inlet off Botany Bay been seen. It is lovely. Lots of trees, eucalyptus among others moving witht he breeze. There are home facing us from across the inlet and many boats on the water. There is a cocatooish bird next door (wild but seemingly tame) that comes and goes. The neighbor on the other side has a lift.

And I spied him in it below his house (did I mention we are above the water considerably) and he was pruning bushes as he leaned out of it. Quite an ingenious contraption. There is a deck that stretches across the entire front of the house. The living room and kitchen are on the middle level. Bedrooms are half a floor up. Lower level bed, bath, game room, laundry. Half a flight separates the floors. Wood floors and rile grace the floors. The windows (globs of them) are so clean. Very impressive!! Oh, and their asian art is both interesting and beautiful.


So, here I sit blogging in the living room and watching the boat traffic. Ray, is reaing the Sunday paper. It must be a Murdoch paper, the Sunday Telegraph. Big article in today’s paper. ” A jobs boom across the bush”. Who knew? It showed that there are 6600 job openings in New South Wales. Also, in Dubbo (must be in the bush), the average house price is $252K. Contrast that with Sydney which has an average house price of $639,484 (Australian dollars which are worth more than the U.S. dollar). Last nite at LAX, we tendered up $202 u.s. for $165 au. So…Australia is a happening place with what I assume is low umemployment. However, now I’m reading that people in Sydney of the 250,000 properties sold in the last three years, 15,500 went for less than the owners paid. On average, they lost $52,000. Ouch. Must have been affected by toxic assets from the U.S.? I wonder but don’t know.


But I digress. On to sports. It’s the rudgy world cup in New Zealand (NZ). I’s an interesting game. The guys play without paddings. The guys wear tight shorts .Kicking is allowed. Long socks grace their skinny lets. Ray just killed a very big fly. Opps, the game is back and I can’t figure it out. Man these guys have some thighs. They can’t tackle but they can throw the opponent to the ground…but the ball stays with the downed player’s side. Guess i need to learn about this game. It’s very interesting and not violent.


Below is a view from the deck looking east.

The house to our east has a friendly wild bird that visits.


See the moon?

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