The Final Final

Today we played a very tough course.  It wasn’t pretty.  No one shot under 100.  End of story.  Just too many sand traps.  Too many trees.  Too many out of bounds.  Too too!!!

We had fun though.  The weather was beautiful.  Everyone got along.  A fabulous occurrence in and of itself.

Dinner was good.  We had Costco chicken.  Tomatoes, cucumbers and lots of vinegar.  Corn on the cob.  Artichoke hearts for pupus and triple cream cheese that sista loved.  Whole artichokes for dinner.  The weather right on the beach was warm and without wind.  Dolphins were spotted.  Pelicans dove.  Great stuff there.

Sue spilled vinegar on Dianna’s pants and was totally traumatized.  I was non plussed.  It came out.  Other than that, things were uneventful.

Some of the Babes may try to stay another day.  I’m out of here.  Dinner party tomorrow night.

End of story.

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