The Changing of the Blog

OMG.  Apple has forsaken MobileMe.  What’s a girl to do?  I have use of the service which includes iweb (which I use for my blog) until June of 2012.  So…I decided I need to change to something.

Well, let me tell you.  Change is not easy.  I’m barely computer literate in oh, so many ways.  But I’ve never let that deter me.  So off I went trying to solve my dilemma…because I really do enjoy blogging and we’re off to Australia and New Zealand where adventures await.  And I don’t want to go with things hanging.

My friend Tim, suggested I use blogger, a free service from Google.  I established an account but immediately didn’t like it because it only offered about 6 fonts.  That’s just not enough for a princess like me.  The guy at the Genius Bar who was helping me with a MobileMe problem the other day mentioned GoDaddy.  So, I went to their website and thought I liked what I saw and signed up for their service.  This involved plunking down the credit card to pay.  It also included choosing a domain name.  The few I liked were already taken. (travelingprincess, roundabout etc.)  So, I finally arrived at  That seemed like a fitting name for my musings since Ray gives me so much material to work with…if you get my drift!!

Then I was totally lost.  They have a service called WebsiteTonight.  That sounded useful.  But, it was going to cost hundreds more.  This could not stand.  My rumblings just aren’t worth it (please don’t agree so quickly).  So, I finally picked up the phone and had a long extended conversation with Laura in Arizona.  She works for GoDaddy and she knew everything.  She knew it so well that I had to have her repeat everything a dozen times.  There was talk of domains, email accounts, customer numbers, passwords, word press.  OMG.  Apple had made my life so simple.  Why were they forsaking me now?  And Apple was inexpensive.

Oh,well.  Now that I’ve stopped whining, I will wait for an hour to attempt to log-on and do two things.  Set up my email which comes free with the GoDaddy service (but of course you pay) and design my website (which will lead to a horror story or two for those readers that appreciate horror stories because they confirm that they are not the only people with computer generated horror stories).  Oh, and then I will try to link my iweb blog with my new GoDaddy blog.  This will probably involve the gnashing of teeth and a few expletives.  More to come.


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