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Me and Priscilla

The Rayman is in the closet.  Literally.  He is painting and this is evidenced by the fact that Beau doggie has a green side of hair after inspecting the Rayman’s work.  And I have green paint on my levis.

Saturday, we played in a fun golf tournament for which I donned my black golf capris and it was not until I actually arrived at the course that I looked down and noticed a big fat iron print on front of the right leg( the scorched black pants were gray and withered in that particular area of my leg).  And the reason I didn’t notice before that is because there is no full length mirror to gaze in to because the bathroom door is off the hinges (that’s one mirror) and is leaning up against the wall (on which hangs the other mirror).  Ah, life is but a dream.

For hours and hours I googled and searched the internet for the just the right medicine cabinet for our new master bathroom while right outside under a blanket lay my old medicine cabinet which is a relic but I grew to love it.  So functional and convenient and 4 feet wide.  So after much cajoling, I talked the Rayman and Stevie “Wonder” (our contractor) to letting me have my mirror back.  It’s old, slightly used looking but, hey, recycling is so chic.


Old bath. Notice the med cabinet

Living without my bedroom, my bedroom closet, and the master bath is not easy as you can well imagine.  The toilet sits outside in the freezing weather along with that previously mentioned medicine cabinet, rolls of insulation, tools of all descriptions.  The only thing in the bathroom right now is the pan for the shower, the new plumbing and the new electrical.  Oh, and the used skylight that Stevie Wonder is selling us.  It’s pretty bare bones.

As I mentioned earlier, the closet is also under renovation as we stole 18 inches from it and added it to the bath.  So, double hanging is now required.  Our clothes are spread all over the house, all over the master bed.  It’s a mess.  So, selecting the wrong pants was made easier by the fact that I cannot find a darn thing anywhere.

Don’t get me wrong though.  When Stevie was slinking around underneath the house to replace old pipes, he discovered that one of the heater vents was laying on the ground.  OMG.  This is why daily dusting has been necessary and why the living room wasn’t warming up quickly and why it cooled down quickly.  Really, people.  You would have thought someone would have noticed this.  We were clueless.  So there is a silver lining to remodeling.

Oh, and did I mention my new car.  The Rayman let me choose the car and so I chose a Prius V.  The V is for versatile.  It’s sort of like a station wagon.  Lots of room but the car is not mounted on a truck frame.  They estimate it will get 42 miles to the gallon which is why I wanted it.  Plus I needed a new car with a USB port.  I mean, people, both our cars were bought in the olden days.  No USB, no built-in bluetooth (a registered trademark as noted in the car manual about ever other sentence).  It came with Sirius for 3 months too.  Boy, I sure am thoroughly modern now.  How did I ever make it before?  Certainly a mystery.  Color me thrilled.  It’s a very cool piece of machinery.  A rolling computer of sorts.  More than 50 computers on board.  Imagine that?

Many funny things have been happening but if I don’t write them down I forget what they were.  So, I’ll close this blog for now.

Oh, wait.  My new car…I named her Priscilla the Prius.  And I’ll call her Miss Priss for short or when I’m mad.  And I just ordered a personalized license plate that says Priscilla the Prius on the top and Traveling Princess on the bottom which fits right in with my blog handle.  So clever.  So fun.  So depressing to write that check.  I had the lady who sold us the car thru the Costco program take a picture of me and the car because the car will never be worth it’s sale price again… ever.

Rayman is still in the closet and it’s after 6 p.m.  After we bought the car, we took our contractor to the tile store and ordered the tile (expensive).  We went to lunch at McPhee’s in Templeton and Rayman and I split the kobe burger gilded with blue cheese and caramelized onions.  And sweet potato fries.  Yummy.

Oh, I just remember what I forgot.   Our house has several different colors of green and wouldn’t you know it but Rayman painted the closet the wrong green color and that necessitated a trip to Home Depot to buy more the right color since, of course, there was hardly any left.  So, theoretically, the closet would have been done two days ago if he wasn’t color blind.  We had the same problem with the guest bedroom (another color of green) when we moved the curtain rods and needed to repair the wall.  Geeze.

It’s  time to drink and drown my sorrows over Downton Abbey.  What a season.  Anyone else watching it but me?  I had my theories but every single one of them was wrong.  And that poor middle sister.  My god.  I predict that she will become a successful entrepeneur (how to spell that word?)  And the chaffeur (can’t spell that one either) will be wildly successful.  All this will happen if none of the actors want to be written out of the script.  The driver, now upperclass by marriage, will fall for Daisy who will move out and turn the farm of her late husband’s father into a conglomerate the size of Archer Daniel Midlands.  She will become unbearable because of her success.  The dowinger (what? another word that escapes me) will be killed by the young niece (actually trampled to death by the young filly fleeing for a date with another married man) and Mary’s mother will persuade her mother, Shirley MacLaine, to move to England to spice things up a bit since Maggie and all her witticisms will be gone.  Actually Maggie Smith gets all the best lines, doesn’t she?  And she brilliantly delivers them too.  Shirley is up to the task because she once ate in the same room that I did in Santa Fe.  My aura fell ‘ore her.

Well.  I digress beyond all hope with that one.  Good night every body.

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