Regarding Food in Australia

We’ve not even lifted off and yet…mentally perhaps we have. So, this a.m. I do as I usually do, I sit down with a cup of joe to read the newspaper. This involves the computer. Reading the New York Times is my favorite thing to do first thing…on the computer. It arrives in my mailbox around 1:52 a.m. every day. Of course, I’m not up then. But when I do manage to drag myself upstairs from my beaudoir, it’s there for the reading.

But, I digress. So, along with NYTimes this morning, I received an email from Donna Hay. And not just any Donna Hay. The Donna Hay. She is the editor of her own cooking magazine in Australia. Think of her as the Martha Stewart (absent the jail time) of down under. I’m familiar with her because I saw her magazine at the 3rd St. Bakery in Los Osos a few years ago as I was standing in line waiting to buy that croissant that was beckoning me to eat it. Yummmm. Click on the link below and check out what I found in that email. And then don’t forget to return to this blog for my follow up.

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Okay, wasn’t that a stitch? I mean really. They are so far away from us or we are so far away from them that they have their own english language. I mean, how fun is that? Which led me to the thought that Ray and I should have studied Australian before the big trip. Anyway. More to come. Oh, one more thing.


This is a picture of my favorite Mexican dish which can be had by traveling to Santa Barbara and waiting in line to order as your mouth starts to water because you know how good it is going to be. Notice the fine plastic utensils and the styro plate. La Super-Rica on Milpas. No spatchcock and mash here!!

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