Our First Flight in Years

We’re crusing now at 39,000 feet on a flight from Portland to Denver then on to Kansas City, MO.  This trip has been in the works forever.  Covid interrupted our life and with that our travels, like everyone else.  No woe is me here.


We are masked and staying as safe as we can.  Grabbed the bulkhead seat for legroom and I now have to balance my computer on my knees to type.  Huge thunderheads have appeared in my window and they are beautiful to behold, like gauze or  ootton clumped together.  They are a stark reminder of nature’s wonders and dangers as they surely could hold strikes of lightening in their bosoms.  

Enough.  The stage is set.  But it wasn’t easy.  Mr. Rayman was nervous as a whore in church from the time we jumped out of Sue’s Subaru until he flung himself down in his blue Southwest Airline seat.  But we were lucky.  In going thru our paces of checking in, I grabbed the first ticket out of the kiosk machine, and attached the baggage tag to  our suitcase.  I then grabbed the boarding pass from the machine.  As we approached the check in desk, Rayman espied our passes on the side of the kiosk.  Yikes.  Not realizing that I as going to receive 6 or 8 pieces of paper, I grabbed the first one and moved on.  We were extremely lucky to find them. 

When it comes to navigating airports, I find myself in charge of navigational duties.  I find the gate, I locate the bathrooms (a long line for women this a.m. ).  I steer us to the line we must stand in to board.  Once on board, Rayman relaxes and life resumes as normal.  

The Captain just announced that we are flying over Boise.  Glad to know because as far as I know, we could be flying to Hawaii.  No control.  In their hands!!  And there is a thick cloud layer.

Beau is on the ground in Vancouver.  Ryan and Tam are taking him in.  We miss him already,  Such a sweet boy.  He’ll have a dilly of a time with Izzy and Themza chasing him around the huge yard.  

Tomorrow, we will go to Independence, MO to visit the MidWest Genealogy library. I hope to do some sleuthing in the archives in search of my Great Great Grandfather on my Mom’s side of the family.  My Grandmother never knew her dad.  Her mother knew, obviously, and reported his name to be Sherman Nobles of K.C., MO.  The closest person I have found thanks to my fabulous friend, Dorothy, is Sherman Noggle.  Hoping this will lead somewhere.  So far, it’s leading me to Missouri!

This is all because of my book I have written.  Writing is so wonderful.  It points me in many directions which is a hoot.  After we visit the library, we will drive down to Branson, MO to visit our good friends, Nancy and Bob.  They are so kind to let us stay with them.  Nancy is editing my book, so I arranged for two copies of the book to printed out at the UPS store in Independence, MO, thereby, alleviating me of schlepping the copies from Oregon.  While digital things can drive me to drink, it is also miraculous if you consider it technologically.  I don’t like dlgital clocks.  I abhor digital ovens that require you to hit the start button which is very easy to forget.  But, I do like being able to transmit my tome and pick it up miles from home!

So, that is it for now.  Think I’ll look at the news and brace myself for the car rental experience which is scheduled upon our arrival in Kansas City, MO.  No, wait.  Got to get from point A to point B in Denver, gate-wise.  That’s the next hurdle.  


We managed to get to the next gate, onto the next plane, and arrived safely in K.C.  Then it was on to picking up the It was  expensive.  One week economy car ran $680.  We used points and still got nicked $189.  The Avis counter required a ride in a shuttle.  In an act of desperation, we parted.  I went to the Avis counter, Rayman went to baggage claim.  Miraculously he found me.

We then put on lives in the hands of our GPS app, and off we went.  KC airport is a bit of a relic.  They are building a new one, I heard.  There are a lot of roads under repair.  Detours were, seemingly, everywhere.  Somehow we made it to the Truitt.  Here is a picture on the right.  The first pic was taken where we dined at 9:30 p.m..  The picture of the bar was taken in the French Bistro where we dined.  The pic of me was snapped in the conservatory of the Truitt.  We highly recommend the place if you are ever in KC.  And there is parking in the back, unknown to us as we schlepped our suitcase across the street and up the stairs.


Oh, well.  We got there safe and sound!!




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