On Creating Monsters

Pandora sent me an email.  She says my annual bill is scheduled to be paid in November.  

We don’t want Pandora right now.  So, I need to cancel it.  In order to cancel it, I must find the vendor that the bill goes through for payment since Pandora doesn’t do collection directly.  And that is a Pandora’s Box that was unleashed on my tender sensibilities.

After about 7324 hours research, I’m just not sure.  I can’t be for certain.  Of anything.

How did life treat me so unfairly?  I ask.   I created a monster,  that’s how.  This is all my doing and as it currently stands, my undoing.  Good grief. 

While trying to figure out my Pandora bill problem, I first went to my credit cards.  The only way I could figure out what is being paid out of my credit cards was to look at the statements.  My feeling was that the credit card companies would have an easy-to-access list of all my electronic debits…but I couldn’t find them.   If they are there, they are well hidden.  

Pandora is coming due in November, so I had to go back to 2019 and look for November which was always spread between the November AND December statements.  Good grief.  My patience was thinning.  


Because I was going to all this trouble, I decided to write down which debits went to which bills.  The list was long.  Our life is complicated.  I bet yours is too.  But not as bad as mine and even if it was, you wouldn’t admit, now would you?   If your life in this regard is less of a problem, I would love to know your methodology.  

So…three credit cards, a checking account, and Paypal.  All three of these methods played a roll in my search to unlock my Pandora’s Box.  

Paypal was the last one and they make things super easy.  And the bank account was relatively easy.  The credit cards were ridiculous.  By the time I arrived at Paypal, I discovered that I could easily just stop the auto payments and so I did.  Disney Plus…deleted.  QVC…deleted although it hadn’t been used all year (I actually think I only used it once),   Houzz, Ancestry Uber…all zapped.   It was such a powerful feeling.  The crazy thing is I don’t remember having this set up on any of them except Disney Plus for the original Hamilton performance.  

After hours and hours, I have a better handle on things…except Pandora.  I have no idea if that will get automatically deducted or not.  But I’m not spending another moment on it.   If I win, I win.  If I lose, I lose.  The worst thing that will come of it is more music.  

I could use more music.  I’m A Creep by Radiohead would sound good about now…Better go to Pandora and listen to it while I maybe still have the account.  

  1. 1-04 Creep

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