Old Faithful Performs Again

And I’m not talking about the Rayman!!


It was a miracle…Old Faithful spouted off for us.  IT could have gone the other way but history was on our side.  What a great tourist attraction.  Everyone there today loved it, including us.  Just consider its longevity.  Its timing.  What else on earth is as faithful as Old Faithful?  I cannot think of a thing.  Which shows you how uneducated I am in the world.  Our genes endure and adapt.  Isn’t that just as impressive?  Perhaps, dear reader, you can offer up some ideas.  I know there are other things but my mind is not bringing them up.

But, I digress.


One of the sulfur pools.

Just like Old Faithful, we went for a scoop of ice cream for lunch today.  It’s getting to be a habit.  A bad habit.  However, I am here to report that the Moose Tracks ice cream was very tasty.  And so was Rayman’s Mountain Berry ice cream.

Today was sort of a reconnaissance day into Yellowstone.  After we watch Old Faithful spurt, we bought a few gifts for people (boy, I sure like the moose-ie tee I bought for me), we drove west then north, then east, then south.    A giant loop.  Snapped a few pictures.

Tomorrow we will go really early to see Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon and then come back and do laundry.  It’s hard to be a tourist and keep up with mundane things like washing your clothes.   And then Saturday, it’s moving day.  Off to Yellowstone and the RV campground inside the park.  It will be easier once we are closer to everything.  And fishing is scheduled for Monday!!  Can’t wait for that.  Love to fish.

Hello again.

It’s tomorrow and we did not go to Yellowstone.  Instead we opted for laundry and a pot of beans.  The laundry is done but the beans bubble on toward tenderness.  Sure smells good.  Today apparently was hit-the-wall day.  Just tired of sitting in a moving vehicle.  That’s how we get once in a while.  Just need to kick back, do a few odds and ends and enjoy some leisure time.

This was our last day of our trip.  The next day we went to the park and I received the fateful call telling me that Uncle Ralph died.  And home we went.

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