Oh, brother, where art thou?

Amazingly, we arrived in Nashville.

Nashville is surrounded by rolling hills with trees that are turning colors.  Still a bit early but we have seen orange, bright yellow etc.  Their infrastructure (roads) is in fine condition and downtown is very interesting with joints to go to to listen to music.  Music is huge.  Publishing is the biggest industry in Nashville followed by the medical sector.   Home to the HMO, hospital chains etc.  Music must be third.

After a drive thru the downtown, we headed to Walt’s home.  There, Lorie, his wife and Caitlin, his daughter were there to greet us.  And we jumped in the car and headed for The Loveless Cafe.  Oh, my.  So southern.  First thing out of the kitchen was a plate covered with a dozen biscuits to die for.  I couldn’t restrain myself.  I ordered fried chicken, greens in pot liquor, caramel sweet potatoes.  Yummy.  Passed on dessert.  Cousin Susie lost her purse, but happily it was turned in.  And everyone had a very good time and so much to eat we waddled out of the place.

This a.m. mom and daughter had to get up really early to go to work at Starbucks.  Walter and Sue and I talked about our days growing up.  It was so much fun.  Then we went to Starbucks for breakfast and then on a ride to Lieper’s Fork.  Cute little berg not far from Nashville.  Susie bought stuff.  I left my purse in the car…but then I saw a piece of red velvet cake that beckoned my name.  She bought if for me.  Still haven’t eaten but one bite.  Yummy!!

We drove thru the country side and ended up at John Hiatt’s house.  John is a recording artist who is good friends with my cousin and Lorie.  John’s wife, Nancy,  greeted us.  We went there to pick up ice hockey tickets.  John left yesterday to tour Europe so we missed him.  Their home in on acreage and is is both very old and new.  They went to great pains to refurbish it.  It was fabulous.  We had a tour of part of the home.  Oh, could I live there or what?!!

As we were leaving, Walt informed us that she had given us each four CD’s of John’s.  How fabulous was that?  Can’t wait to listen to all of them when we return home to CA.

In the meantime, while driving around we discussed family secrets.  It’s interesting.  Everyone had their issues and everyone is damaged in some way.  We laughed about much of it…stepmom’s running with knives to Susie having cousin envy because Walt go to go to Rollingstone concerts way back when while Sue was consigned to church youth groups.  What a hoot.

We also had lunch at Oscar’s in Franklin.  A Mexican haunt.  Walt and Susie agreed that it was authentic So. CA-Mex food.  Walt ran into some people he knew and his phone just kept ringing.  He is quite popular.  And big names too.  He’s carved out a very good life here in Nashville.

So, tonight we are going to the BlueBird after dinner at some nouvelle cuisine restaurant.  Or is it Blue Bell?  I don’t know.  There is a great group playing there so that’s where we’re off to.

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