Of Fairies and Fairy Tales

Today was our private tour where the possibility of getting lost was vanquished. We hiked, we walked, we climbed, we stooped. And we took lots of pictures. This place really can’t be captured on a camera but I’ll bore you with my pictures just the same. Here goes. Rayman in front of our hotel waiting for the guide.

Another view looking up from the street in front of our hotel..there is smoke coming out of that chimney. See below.


These cones are eroding unless they have basalt dark tops.
Grape vines and cave houses. Many of these caves had special holes for the pigeons. The collected the pigeon poop and carried it down in large carriers on the inside of these structures and fertilized their crops.

Inside one of the caves, a church.
Pigeon holes!!
A wildflower.
A site that is eroding. The sandstone is falling away exposing the caves.

The fairy structures. See the dark basalt protecting the underneath structure. Looks like something familiar. Mushrooms.


Check out the website above for a detailed accounting of the history of the place.

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