Of Berries, Backs, and Birds

oday we traveled from somewhere to the next place.  Unsuccessful at snorkeling because all the mooring balls were taken, we motored to a port and here we are.

We’re back at Tortola which is the island next to Beef Island where we flew to 9 or 10 days ago.  Not much wind and I’m very disappointed.  Wind, I have learned, is a sailor’s best friend as long as it’s not blowing too hard.  Wind cools things off.  It propels a boat.  When it is hot like this, it is a wonderful treat.  Yes, wind is your friend.  But no wind today so we couldn’t sail.  So we motored for about 4 hours to get where are now.

Having arrived, we jumped in the water and cooled off.  Then Ray and Ruth and I went on shore and discovered how hot it was on shore.  And buggy.  But we found a great little market and bought some fresh broccoli and bananas!!  Life is good when you can find a few fresh items.  We are so lucky where we live.  Fruit and veggies and so easy to come by.  Unlike these islands.

The excitement was when we were leaving the dinghy dock, a pelican nose-dived right between our dinghy and the dock.  There was only about a 4 foot opening but the bird did it.  Up close and personal.

So, Ray is now being called Dave by some of the crew.  And he is being called the anal purser.  And he is being called the Assassin.  Dave because the captain called him by the wrong name.  Anal purser because he acts anal from time to time, a side the others had not been privy to.  And Assassin because he is great at locating and killing insects.  Quite a resume.

Did I mention bruises.  We all have bruises.  You can’t help but get them on a boat.  You stub your toes, bang your leg, hit your arm.  It just goes on and on.  It’s bruise city.  Sailing is not for sissies.  It is physical and mental and emotional.  All the major food groups!!

Yesterday we bought some frozen fruit from a poorly equipped market and brought them back to the boat and put them in the “freezer”.  One of the bags got punctured and Tom discovered this early in the morning because there was juice on the floor and on the inside of the “freezer”.  Being frustrated by a bad back the entire trip, he decided to clean it up.  This really wasn’t such a good idea as the “freezer” sits just above the floor and is only about 3 feet tall.  The back got reinjured.  Not good.  And the juice stained the floor so Pat jumped down on her hands and knees and scrubbed the floor with special stuff.  Pat is like that.  She is an ace when it comes to cleaning.  And cooking.  And sailing.  She’s the complete package and a definite plus on an adventure such as this.

So…that was the excitement for the day.  Oh, we ate at a place called Myett’s Garden and Grill which was very good.  I was very bad because I ordered the lobster (grilled).  It was huge.  So big I couldn’t eat my veggies.  What follows are pictures of the above events.

Read down further.  A slight problem occurred.

A movie of the pelican show.  It wouldn’t publish so I deleted it.

Lobster before and aft.

Ray is on the bed with his feet on the ceiling.  I’m just saying.

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