North by Northwest

As most of my readers are aware, we are moving to Portland, Oregon in January.The house is in escrow and ever since that event a few days ago, the ghosts are wreaking havoc. In one night, two light bulbs blew. The printer died, the thermostat turned to the darkside, and I’m sure are there are other things…but isn’t’ that enough to make one wonder?

So, I wonder.

  In other news, moving is a bitch and as many times in my life that I have moved, this is still an ordeal that is the worst yet given my advanced age.

So…our address in Portland will be as it ever was…3591 NE 44th Ave, Portland, OR 97213. Everything else will remain the same. Phone numbers, emails. So only an address to change.

We have elected to use PODS. One POD will go to Vancouver, WA where the kids live. They are taking a lot of stuff!! The other POD will be our stuff and it will go to storage…POD storage until we decide what the heck to do with all our stuff. We hope to sell the OR house and buy a one story affair next year.

Oh, my. Organization and planning are on high alert around these parts. Of course, we are both sad to be leaving the state of CA, my native land. Time marches on and it is time to be closer to my family, our family. We are looking forward to adventure and trying to squash any regrets to the dustpan of history.

So, there you have it.

Later, gator.


P.s. we are happy to entertain anyone that we like to come and visit!! After winter, that is. No one in their right mind would go to visit in the winter, let along move in the winter. Just sayin.


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