Normandy to the nord (north)

After consuming a pan au chocolat for petit dejeuner (breakfast), we headed out for Normandy and sites of WWll.  It was about a 5 hour ride.  We had a small dejeuner (lunch) at a gas stop.  Don’t ask.  It was just convenient and we had a lot of sights to see so we could afford to get lost again.  Je suis perdu!!  (I am lost).  We arrived at Caen where the museum for the war is located.  It was a fabulous museum and we spent about three plus hours there and still didn’t see everything.  Then it was off to our chateau which was about one and one half hours away.  Wow.  We were blown away.  Some pictures follow.

Our suite!!  Ray is in our l’chambre (bedroom) and Ryan in his l’chambre.

Le salon (the living room).  Pictures on the wall are of the now-owners’ great aunt and uncle.  The chateau has been in the family since Louie XlV according to Simon, the owner.

Then we went to dinner.  Watch this movie!!

When we returned from the dinner the second night, we saw two storks on the top of the tower over our suite!!  As you can see it was too dark to film.  More later.

The first picture is Ryan at Utah beach.  The picture below is of some of  the holes left from the bombing at Omaha.  Can’t figure out how to turn the picture so in the movie, you’ll have to turn your head 180 degrees!!

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