Nashville or Bust

This should be an interesting trip.  My cousin Sue and myself are traveling via Southwest Airlines from San Jose to Las Vegas to Nashville to visit our cousin, Walt.  He and his family live there and since we had never visited him there, we decided to go take a look-see.

I left the coast on Tuesday, traveled to Concord to buy some material for a curtain that we’re going to install (long story so I’ll skip it).  Met Pat Silva for lunch at Memo’s Cuisine (Mexican food) in Concord and then went to San Ramon to visit Ada Myers.  She’s was our neighbor.  And she invited several old friends that also live or lived in San Ramon.  Had a blast catching up.

Yesterday I drove from San Ramon to Sunnyvale and spent the night at Susie’s.  This a.m. we headed out on our trip.

Rule number one.  Keep your bag light.  I had so much in my suitcase, it was almost impossible to maneuver.  So I offloaded several articles and it was a good move.

We arrived at an all new terminal in San Jose.  It was beautiful and came complete with a giant robot that looked like a 4 legged spider( at least 2 stories tall, probably 3.  Susie sez it moves around.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen while we were around it.  The new terminal is very nice and clean.  And I got checked out by one of those new x-ray machines.  Ooh, la la.  The airport security people really seem to like it.  They, by the way, were very well organized.  And we moved thru quickly.  We sat down.  She played scrabble with a far away friend.  I read the NY Times.

The way you move thru the airport is quite different from the last time I flew domestically.  And I don’t know if all airlines do this, but we checked in at a kiosk,  got our baggage claim receipts all in a flash.  We proceeded to our gate and when the time was right we stood in line for our boarding using a number that printed out on the boarding pass.  Sue was 39 and I was 50.  Lines were formed based on our number.  Very slick.

We took a very bumpy ride to Vegas.  They never turned off the fasten seat belt signs.  Needless to say I wasn’t happy but I endured.  Worked a cross word puzzle to keep my mind active.  It seemed to work.  At least I didn’t yell or scream or anything!!

Rule number two.  Perhaps you should pack a lunch.  When we arrived in Vegas we had to walk about 2 miles to the other terminal to catch our plane.  And we only had 50 minutes…and we needed to get something to eat.  Not easy to do.  And find something that isn’t hard to chew (I just got a root canal on Monday) and I am forbidden to eat nuts or anything hard).  So I ended up with yogurt and a banana.  Not much health food in an airport.

And so I sail thru the air typing my missile.

The second leg of the trip left me completely traumatized.   We flew thru a storm, apparently.  It was super bumpy.  Most of the trip, they had the seat belt sign lit.  I hated it.

When we arrived at our cousin’s house and we were talking about the trip, Susie said the flight wasn’t turbulent.  I exclaimed, “what”?  So, had a running joke about the flight.  My tooth hurt because of turbulence, my hearing was bad because it was turbulent.  You get the picture.  Finally, Susie decided that maybe it was because she had new noise canceling earphones.  She was unfazed by the turbulence because she couldn’t hear it????  Say what?  We laughed so much we cried!!

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