My NEW Blog may be a reality!!

Well, now I’ve done it!! I’ve been messing around with this new blog software and a new website, and a new server…and I think I finally have it, by George. I can’t tell you how happy I am. Now I can start learning this new software. I still consider my blog under construction…but I’m on my way. Before I was sitting in the car trying to get it to start. It’s started now and I’m going to back out the driveway and go have some fun!! Come along for the ride!!

We are leaving on Friday for the down under of Australia and New Zealand and I’m so thrilled. So, until we’re in the air I may not be blogging…I have to pack for heaven’s sake. And make some reservations.

One observation. Travel is expensive. I just booked the Great Barrier Reef tour. It includes the outfitter picking us up at the hotel (there are three of us, Ray’s cousin is joining us from Virginia). They drive us to the dock, throw us on the boat and off we go.

The day will cost about $1,000 for 3. Yikes. And that is Australian dollars. But, how often will we go? And we opted for the guided snorkeling with a naturalist…what every girl needs if you ask me.

So, guess I better get up and make my pizza for dinner tonight. Should be delish. More later.

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