My Life is In Tatters

Rayman after he fell in the water at the beach!!

Rayman after he fell in the water at the beach!!

Yesterday was an awful day.  But let me back up.  The pic above was taken on Sunday when Mr. Rayman did a tumble into an oncoming small wave while trying to avoid getting wet from the wave.   What a drip!!  Okay, so on with my blog.

I’ve been blogging since 2010, I think.  And I have had three software changes during that time along with three different domain providers.  Blogging is easy.  Getting the software and domain not so much.  And that is what ruined my day yesterday.

On Monday, I told one of my friends that I was going to send her one of my blogs that I thought she would enjoy.  When I went looking for it, I couldn’t find it.  My current domain provider, GoDaddy erased it.  All of it.  Apparently I had been notified that my credit card had been rejected because of the expiration date.  They emailed me.  Only I didn’t get it because it was in my junk mail.  And there is no way to get my blogs that were posted under back.  OMG.  OMG.  GoDaddy should be avoided at all costs.  What a horrible outfit.  Oh, I know.  It is ultimately my responsibility but why beat myself up when I can beat them about?


This picture hints at the blog I was trying to find.

Rayman had gone golfing.  When he returned, i burst into tears,  My life was in tatters.  All those travel blogs.  OMG.  So, after the trauma wore off, I started thinking.  Did I have a copy?  How would I know?  People, I am telling you, even though I know a lot about computers, I hardly know anything.  Did I have a copy?  I couldn’t answer that question.  So, I decided to call Joseph.  Joseph helped me initially set up  I already had the domain name thru GoDaddy but I was struggling with the software, WordPress, so I did what many do, I googled for help.  Ever notice that Google can be a noun or a verb?  Cool, uh?  That’s how I found Joseph who owns a company named ShiloRune.  He was able to set me up.  Quickly.  Easily.  And
at a reasonable price.  I love Joseph.  He lives in Portland and I hope to actually meet him in Portland this summer.  Never have met him.


When I called him he was at Ikea, shopping.  He said he would call me when he returned to the office.  That left me dead in the water.  That’s when racking my brain began.  Sometimes racking one’s brain can have positive results.  And so it did.  I went to the den and found my old MacBook computer.  And I charged it up.  It still had the software, Sandbox, that I had used early on to compose my blogs.  Maybe, just maybe some blogs were there.  And so they were.  To make a long story longer, Joseph created a temporary website and I transferred all the data to him.  He will, for a price, manipulate the data and then post it all on the last remaining domain, travelswiththerayman.  And I am going to pay him to maintain everything going forward thereby eliminating GoDaddy from my life…except for the domain name.  Do I have all my blogs back?  I’m not sure and I’m afraid to look.  You know how that is?  You expect the worst and so avoid verifying your worst fears.  Well, that’s me right now.

The other news in my life is that Claudia (URs) caretaker had her knee surgery and is back at his house.  She was able to walk up all the stairs.  So, we came home at her suggestion.  I am now making food for us all since she is very limited in what she can do.  We are so hoping that her recovery will go smoothly so that we can take off for The Badlands in mid-May.

Tonight we are having grilled swordfish, thai noodle pasta, and a tossed salad for dinner.  No dessert.  But plenty wine.

Right now I’m having a hard time typing because I sliced off the upper corner of my left index finger and it is in a bandage and a rubber glove.  Can’t use it so I’m hunting and pecking.  Drats.  Cooking is a full contact sport.  However, I expect to make a full recovery.

Margaret, my good friend and aqua kinetics bud/Winers and Diners/Sideway member, suggested that I print out all my blogs and do a book so that I can preserve what I have in hard copy form.  Bon idee.  I plan to stART WORKING (OOPS) on that project this week.  Love the idea.  So I just ordered more ink for my inkjet printer,  Yahoo!!


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