My Life as a Dog

It’s been a while since I was adopted and what a great time I’ve been having!!

My new folks pay lots of attention to me. Maybe too much attention. Can’t get away with anything. But I am the perfect dog. I’ve learned how to sit. I stay when it suits me. When they say, go bye-bye, I no longer resist jumping into the back seat of the car. I eagerly look forward to the drive and lounge in the back seat. I’m learning to heel and whenever I go to the door, they always take me outside to “do my business”. And that results in a treat, a pet, and the word “yes”. I’m also learning to go to my “place” in the kitchen and I love my crate…I sleep there at night in the laundry room which is warm and confortable.

I’ve been to three puppy classes where I’ve played with 5 other dogs. This is a very pleasant experience because everyone there gives me treats whenever I do the right thing. And then they let us loose and tell us to “play” and so we run and jump and bark and generally have a great doggie time. They weren’t too happy the day I peed all over a great big overstuffed dog that sat in the corner. The lady had to take it home and throw it in the washer. In my defense, I was having such a good time, it just happened.

My new parents are very quick to take me outside every other hour or so and get two long walks a day. Yesterday was the highlight of my life. They took me to the beach and I was reunited with one of my sisters. She looks just like me except she has longer legs and I have longer ears. Seems like a good trade-off to me. We are both black with a bit of white hair on our chests. So, anyway, they took us to a BEACH!! Jaycee, that’s her name, and I frolicked for about 30 to 40 minutes in the sand mostly. However, we did also jump in the puddles of ocean water. Pure delight. We loved every minute of it.

So, all in all, life is working out just great. Good food, lots of walks, car rides, doggie classes and plenty of cuddle time in my parents lap when the TV goes on at night. Cool.

I did get to see my doggie mama and doggie dad where I was born. I stayed there the other night and got a bath and while Becky was drying me she found 4 ticks. So, now I’m on medication…sort of a big pharma thing. But if it kills the ticks, I’m all for it.

Well, it time for a nap. I’ll write again.


Bowsie wowsie, Beau Jackson

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