Musing from Morro

Thursday doings:

I isn’t so much about what we’ve done today.  I mean, how different can it possibly be from every other day?  It’s what I think about that is more interesting.

How will I cut my hair?  

Why did I leave my immersion blender in PDX and should I buy another one?  And why is it that if I had the immersion blender here, I would probably never see a recipe requiring one?  One of the mysteries of life?  

Does the call of a cormorant sound more like a whale or a lion?  And how does such a bird of its size manage to produce such a loud, strange sound?   

Where are the masks I ordered?  Had to brave grocery shopping today and so I used a very stylish 1960s Vera scarf to cover my nose and mouth.  Where are the masks?  

I am glad I am not an elected official.  Those poor Governors.  What they must do to help people stay healthy.   We can never repay them, those that listened to the scientists, anyway.  Rush Limbaugh famously implored his audience to lighten up because the virus was not anything more than a common cold.  He implored his fans to ignore the warnings.  So why would anyone be so irresponsible?  I mean, I long ago gave up trying to understand his listeners.  But why would he say that?  What is the motivation?

How and when should we bathe the Beaumeister?  Poor baby is starting to lose his good smell.   All the groomers are unable to ply their trade.  

As irony would have it, the house is clean and I can’t have company.  Now, that is a real bummer.  If it weren’t the plague and we were having a dinner party, cleaning would ensue before the day of the party.  But now, with no cleaning needed, there are no parties.  This is not fair.

Should I buy that blouse on Cabi’s website or not?  Where will I wear it?  I guess I don’t care…I’m buying it for a bit of retail therapy.  Besides, it is yellow and cheery…with long sleeves which I am apparently transitioning to as my arm skin is looking like hippo skin, or shall we say, lizard skin?  Which brings me to withered skin.  How did it get that way so fast?  Seems like just yesterday (yesteryear) that it was smooth with a few creases here and there.  Now, if the sun shines just right on an outstretched arm…it is downright frightening.  On the flip side though, if I wear long sleeves and long pants, I don’t need to apply sunscreen…so there is that.  

But I digress.

Or maybe I don’t.  This is taking on the appearance of a stream-of-consciousness kind of blog so digression seems to be part of the style.  

When will I start up on my book?  What is stopping me?  Hard work?  Boredom?  I don’t know.  However, last night as I was reading in bed, I came across an article about how to write…better.  So, it has given me something to think about when I do launch back into the effort.  It also terrified me because it said my first draft is only the first draft.   Is that true for a prolific writer like, say, Stephen King?  If that’s true, that guy must be glued to his keyboard, literally.  So many questions.  

It’s 5 p.m. and so it’s time to drink…cocktail and apps might be my favorite time of the day now.  And I don’t want to keep the Rayman waiting.  So I’ll bid you a fond adieu.  Stay well.

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