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May 27 in the swimming pool with my muse, Margaret, she told me that she observed jack rabbits playing the day before as she was headed home.  So, when I left the pool, I too noticed the jack rabbits in the same spot doing the same thing.  Very special.  Read more about jack rabbits by clicking the link below.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 2.02.30 PM

Also in the pool yesterday, I relayed the following story to my golfing friend, Cathy.  Rayman and I decided to sell our golf cart for many reasons.  I ran an ad in Craigslist and a man called, came over, gave us $800 cash and said he would be back to pick it up.  That was a week and a half ago.  We still have the golf cart, the $800 and a giant case of curiosity.  Who does that?  He lives in Los Osos is all we know.  Oh, and he plays at Sea Pines.  Well, Cathy happens to work at Sea Pines.  His name is Ryan.  Cathy said she would comb through their database and see what she could see.  In the meantime, Rayman didn’t think the lights on the cart were very bright so in his effort to remedy the situation, he broke one of the light’s headlamp glass cover.  That’s when he discovered that the lights worked.  Oh, well.

Also, yesterday, we drove down to Santa Barbara to lunch with Uncle Ralph’s old, dear friend, David.  His lady friend, Gillian, drove him to the Santa Barbara Club.  The Santa Barbara Club is a social club which owns a stately building near Nordstroms.  It is old and stately and reeks of old money.  We were waiting for them in the lobby when a woman with a cane and an obvious physical problem came in and headed down the hall toward the men’s room.  We called out to her.  She did not hear us.  So Rayman followed her down the hall only to return and announce, “It is too late.”  And you know what happened next.  A man headed down the same hallway.  Rayman jumped up and alerted him that a woman was in the men’s restroom.  We all got a laugh out of it.  He said, “Oh, yes.  The lady with the cane.  She just crossed the street against the light and stopped traffic.”   A few minutes later, the lady with the cane emerged intact.

While still waiting in the lobby, an old San Luis Obispo friend walked through the front door.  What a hoot.  Small world, definitely.  A world renowned specialist on Impressionists painters was in the house to give a lecture on the painters.  That’s why Patricia was there.  Check out a self portrait by clicking the link below.


We were there to meet our friends as previously stated.  Sat out back on the patio.  The weather was lovely.  We had a lovely lunch while I filled them in on Uncle Ralph’s trust issues.  We dined on beet gazpacho that was out of the this world.  Then fresh fish.  Then cookies.  All washed down with a wonderful sauvingnon blanc.  Yum.  And the conversation was wide ranging from Uncle Ralph, to Korea, to Canada, to art, to books.  A thoroughly entertaining afternoon.

Oh, and then there was this.  As we left the house on the way to Santa Barbara, the property manager called.  You see, we are trying to rent our house for the summer as we will be gone in the Dog House for the entire summer.  She had a couple that wanted to see the house, like right then.  Okay, that is when I explained to her that two interior doors in the house were “missing” because we were getting two new doors, one for the den, one for the guest room.  I asked her to explain that to the couple.  New doors were coming and if they got to the house they might run into our contractor.  When it rains it pours.  The good news is that the house got rented for months of June and July.  Pretty cool.  Oh, and the doors are installed.



A quick blog to illustrate that dull moments don’t exist.

p.s.  The doors are done!!

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