Mosquitos Never Sleep

Mosquitos are a bane to our existence, aren’t they?  They bite, they suck, and they buzz.  And live everywhere it is warm.  And they often times results in welts that itch.  Blast it anyway.

Today, we didn’t do anything much except move from one harbor to the next harbor (about 2 miles) and secure another mooring.  This was because tomorrow is the wooden boat regatta that is held once a year and emanates from this particular harbor.  It is sponsored by Foxy’s, another very old bar that is famous in these parts.  So, here we are waiting for the excitement.

The only really excitement today was getting Tom on the dinghy.  With a bad back, it is difficult to walk let alone board a small rubber craft.  But he managed and we all went to shore to shop, drink, people watch, search for ice, eat ice cream on a cone.  Then we schlepted back to the boat, jumped in and out of the water to stay cool, had a frito tostada for lunch on the boat, read, napped, and gained weight.  Tonight it’s Foxy’s for barbecue and if it doesn’t rain, Ray and I will attempt to sleep outside on the bow.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

Above is Foxy.  He started this island business back in 1968 and boy does it flourish today.  World famous.  We met Foxy.  We were admiring his dog.  Ruthie said something like, “How old is your lab?”.  Foxy said, “That’s not a lab.  That’s an island dog.  He is an island dog because 1.  he sits around all day 2. he doesn’t know how many puppies he has  3. he doesn’t know who is daddy is  4.  he is unemployed  5.  he’s black  6. …well, there was a 6th item but I can’t remember what it was.  That’s Foxy.  Anyway, we had dinner there and danced.  Great band, good grub…great time.

Picture of a rock.  See how beautiful the color of the ocean is?  and from the same place, a picture looking out rather than down.


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