Medicured and Medicated

The Rayman turned 65 yesterday. The good news is, he is on Medicare and that saves us some major dinero. The bad news is, he is getting OLD. I should know. Me too!!

Cake is what usually comes to mind for a birthday celebration so I asked the Rayman what kind of cake he wanted. Thinking outside the cake pan, he requested a lemon meringue pie (LMP). Yummy. Who doesn’t love LMP? The tart, the sweet, the combo is a match made in heaven. So, yes, I would make him a LMP. Here’s a pic.

Yummy meringue. It’s cooked so it really holds and beats to unimagined heights. is the site for the recipe. I used

C & H brown sugar. This will make more sense when you read the article. Anyway, hope you try it.

Another story. While boiling the sugar and water for the meringue, I used a candy thermometer to make sure I stop boiling it at the right time. So…when Ray was cleaning the pan (he did it voluntarily), he noticed that the glass on the thermometer was broken. OMG…where was the missing glass? Here’s Uncle Ralph and Claudia (they came down for dessert) waiting to eat and I’m worried about A.) where was the GLASS B.) is there mercury in my meringue? C.) should we even eat it? Our stomachs won the debate over our minds. We cheerfully chowed down the pie (perhaps gingerly while listening for glass crunching) and so far so good.

Before making the pie, Rayman and Beau and I walked up the hill behind our house. The day was splendid as you can see from the pic below. Oh, and notice his hat? He was lucky to get it back. As we reached the apex of the hill, a gust of wind blew up and his hat took off down the hill. So off he went chasing it thru the field down the hill to retrieve it. Never a dull moment.





Hard to believe it’s FEB. 8th.

Ray received a barbecue ‘aid’ for his birthday (for his Weber). As most of you know, we always use hardwood or mesquite for barbecuing. We have been tempted to go ‘gas’ because of the rotisserie feature. But Weber came up with an accessory that solved that problem.
So, tonight we barbecued a chicken on a spit. Fabulous!! Here’s another picture of the completely cooked bird. Perfectly cooked. Perfectly delicious.
The funniest thing that happened on his birthday is that Ray went down to change his clothes for dinner. After about 10 minutes, I inquired about his whereabouts by shouting down the stairs, “Ray”. He called back and, dare I say, with an attitude. So I went down to investigate. Somehow, he had threaded his belt thru the first loop in his pants and it got stuck there. He tried to unstick it. I tried to unstick it. Perhaps some soap to make the silver point at the end of the belt be slippery? No, Ray didn’t want to do that. So, he put on another pair of pants and another belt and we left the house. It was when he was in the car that he said, “And I had a hell of a time getting out of those pants.” Just imagining him trying to slither out got me to laughing. Really, I don’t know how he did it. Somethings are best left to the imagination…maybe.

Oh, well. Moving right along. You know, life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer to the end the faster it goes. So…we are busy taking advantage of being alive…and I hope you are too!!

And do I have news on the website!! My exhaustive blogging is now split between two websites. You are reading this on Earlier posts can now be found on

Two different domain names were needed because the software to create the blogs was different. I started out using iWeb software for my initial blogs. Then I started using Sandvox for this website because Apple will be going to the iCloud and I was afraid I lose my earlier stuff. (this is as close to untechnical as I can get. If it gets anymore technical, I’ll get confused!!)

So…if you want to read my earliest blogs, log on to

Finally, I think my organizational problems are fixed. At the top of this site, you will notice that there are two headings…Big Trips and California Dreamin. All our trips will fall under Big Trips and everything else is under California Dreamin so I hope you find this easier to use.

Okay, finally…finally, Beau went wine tasting!! Here is a picture of him at a winery.
And here he is with his new friend, Bella. At the end of day of wine tasting!!

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