Losing my Mind

Picture of a dessert I did which, has nothing to do with the story below. Just thought you all might like to see something good to eat!!


Have you ever looked for a birthday card at a store? Of course you have. And have you noticed all the funny cards that allude to the fading memory skills of the “over the hill” set? Well, I have and I’m not so sure that they are that funny…they hit too close to home.

Case in point. A few days ago (I can’t remember when), I was on the phone with my friend Ruthie and she was complaining about how people don’t pay attention to her. Seems that she called to reconfirm an appointment and then when she arrived…the manicurist (?, can’t remember the details) announced that her appointment was earlier. And this was annoying because as we are getting older, we are making more mistakes with our calendars. GGGRRRRRR. As she was relaying this story to me, I was on my computer and I decided I’d better check the calendar for the day’s events. EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK. I had a hair appointment scheduled for 9:00 a.m. The time was 8:45.

I was in my jamies, on the phone, discussing messed up appointments…so I ran downstairs while still talking with Ruth, changed my clothes and then confessed to Ruth that I had to run…if I didn’t, I would be late for an appointment that I forgot that I had. Laughing ensued.

By exceeding the speed limit all the way to Morro Bay, I was able to arrive right on time. When I came into the shop, my hair guy said, “What are you doing here?” I said, “I have an appointment at 9, don’t I?” He said, “Well, I have you down for 11 this morning.” YYYYYIIIIIIIKKKKKKEEEEEESSSSSS.

So, you see, these greeting cards might be spot on but they are annoying. We are perfectly aware that we are not totally aware (I can site many good excuses…such as my iphone didn’t synch, I forgot to look at the calendar, ‘you mean today is Tuesday?’) of things the way we used to be when we had to work, shop, rear children, clean house, do the laundry…yada, yada, yada. How the hell did we do it all? And keep our sanity… let alone our calendar? I mean, today we have the house cleaned, the nest is empty, we eat out 4 times a week, our favorite outfit is levis and a tee-shirt (read easy laundry) and we still can’t remember stuff.

So, you smarty-pants card makers (like Hallmark)…just lay off the ‘memory’ cards. It isn’t that funny. our RAM is full, the hard drive hasn’t been updated…and our cooling fan is on the fritz.

But I digress. Oh, no. I didn’t digress. OMG. Where was I? What was I saying? Oh, just forget it. Good night.

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