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Thought the sign was perfect…give a fig about anything?


Some questions for you, the dear reader.

Do you think China will own the world in the end?  I ask because they seem to have successfully attacked the virus while here we are begging for tests, hospital gowns torn up to make “masks”, hospitals in major cities looking at a crisis with few answers.  

Maybe in the world at large, we cannot have democracy-type governments any more.  Or capitalism as it is currently practiced.  Maybe we need something new and completely different.  Of course, it could cause a war or many wars because people at the top are not going to go lightly.

Is America a failed state at this point?  Minority rules this country thanks to the electoral college, gerrymandering that has given us radical representatives instead of allowing for spirited debates among moderates, and the polarization of our courts.  And this finds us in a position of having an inept President, a sycophant VP, and a horrible leader of the Senate.  

At least with a government in England, a vote of no-confidence would drive a new election.  We don’t have an escape hatch like that.  Are we screwed?

Feel free to comment.  I don’t have the answers…only disturbing questions.


Moi doing what is needed last evening.

We took a walk this morning and ran into a few of our fellow neighbors whom all kept their distance.  A worker gave Beau a treat without touching him.  Very astute.  

Yesterday I ordered large envelopes, printer paper, and a year’s supply of Purell…from Staples.  It will all be delivered to my front door!!  They were out of smaller amounts of hand cleaner so I opted to the king-size version.  If this catastrophe continues, we may run out.  So there is that.  

The local park with zero people there. Note the octopus feature in the park!!

Groceries are being delivered tonight via an app that I discovered…between 8 and 10 p.m.  I ordered stuff two days ago.

My hand is going to have to wait for a shot to straighten the finger.  Just can’t deal with that right now.

My physical therapy will done on-line using Zoom.  I’ll let you know how that works.  No touching…just watching and listening and trying stuff.  Which I must say may just revolutionize physical therapy.  Are we headed toward a touch-less world?  No hugs, no kisses, no nothing?  Glad I’m an old lady…if you get my drift.  However, Rayman is NOT off limits.  Don’t know what I would do without my inspirational hubby.  Glad he got his happy pill dosage increased.  Great timing!!!

We are scheduled to go on the Rocky Mountaineer train this summer…except that we received an e-mail from the travel agent saying the train was offering to re-book at no cost to us.  What?  We cannot even get into Canada now.  We may die before the date it gets rescheduled to…(bad use of English, but you get the point).  I think they should refund our trip so I will be working on that today…any ideas from the peanut gallery?

Didn’t play golf today.  Scared, I guess.  If we play, it will be with each other and walking.  Groups just feel wrong right now.  My poor me…just starting to hit the ball good and …poof…There are, however, much more important things to get aggravated about so I think I will just count my blessings.

As of now, everything on my calendar has been cancelled.  Time to finish my great American novel…oh, I’m not writing a novel…real life is so much more interesting.  So, I guess I’m going to need to get some discipline going and type away.   Stay safe and feel free to engage in writing!

Captive doggie on alert!!

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