Let the Games Begin

Today is the day all our friends arrive from the mainland!!  We’re meeting at the hotel in old town, where we will spend the night before our flight tomorrow to Beef Island where Tortola is located and there we will pick up Catywampus, our boat.  Oh, god, I hope I don’t get seasick.  This is an enormous worry.  Oh, well.  time will tell.  Stated another way, what am I doing here?????

I’m including this absolutely terrible picture of moi.  This is just to prove that I am actually on this trip.  And also in the picture is the old fort that was constructed starting in the late 1500’s by the Spanish to protect the island from marauders from pirates and other countries (Holland, England etc.)  They did a heck of the job because they kept Puerto Rico in spanish hands until we stole it from them fair and square in the Spanish American war.  Of course, McKinley didn’t know what to do with Puerto Rico so he decided to keep it for the U.S.  However, having been to Carcasonne in France, this place seemed absolutely modern in comparison.  See earlier posts from France last year.

So, here we are.  It is Sunday, our friends (except the captain and first mate) have arrived.  We’ve checked into a wonderfully appointed and very expensive hotel for one night and we’re waiting for happy hour at 6 p.m.  All’s well with the world.

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