It’s been a Week

Dear New Family and Friends,
It’s been a week at my new home with my new Grand parents! And for a puppy I’m overjoyed at living in Cayucos. There are so many new smells and things to chew on, both literally and figuratively.


The thing that sticks out in my mind is all the trips made to outdoors. What’s with these people anyway? They hover over me and watch my every move and the minute I look like I’m going to squat, they pick me up and rush me outside. Outside is interesting but so many times a day? I do like the outside because I can see Vino, my next door neighbor. He is a small dog of the terrier variety. The other day I rushed up and pounced on him (I’m already twice his size) and gave him a few friendly bites. Well, he took great exception by yelping and running away from me. Then he wouldn’t have anything to do with me. Now I am more respectful. I still run up to him but now I start with butt sniffing and when that goes well, we meet nose to nose.

But I digress. My new mama walked me the other day by a house where some very big dogs live and they started barking at us. Mama had me off-leash so I took the opportunity to flat-out run down the street, around the corner and left on Gilbert. As she tells the story, she called for me and when I didn’t stop, she took off running after me. Well, I was just fine. I ran straight back home and was sitting in the driveway wondering where she was. She then announced to me that she would never let me off the leash again until I came when she called. Guess I blew that one. However, in my own defense, I am just a puppy.

Dad took me to doggy socialization training yesterday and that was really fun and scary. I met lots of dogs in my age range and I think I was the hit of the class. Does well behaved mean anything to you? I sat on queue and learned a few hand signals. Dad had a cold and wasn’t up to snuff but he did his best. My only mishap was pooping and peeing (hereafter I shall refer to this as “potty issues) on the floor but, hey, I was scared and it just came out. Otherwise, people were asking grandpa where I came from,,,they were so impressed. Hopefully next week, I’ll be more relaxed.

Actually, I think I will refer to grandpa as dad and grandma as mama. It is shorter and conveys the same meaning.

And I’m learning how to fetch. Dad and mama are very impressed. They toss the ball, they yell “fetch” and I run to the ball and bring it back to them. Then I get treats. Works for me.

So we’re on to week two and I’m excited to see what else they will attempt to do. Me, I’m just going with the flow. Life is good.

With many bow wows,


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