Home again for three days

We’re back.  However, we leave again tomorrow for our sailing trip around the British Virgin Islands.  So stay tuned for more fun and surprises as moi, who has never sailed, casts all fear aside and attempts to survive on a catamaran for 12 days.  This seems promising to moi.

Well, excuse me but I must close up now and go buy some bug spray, an empty squirt bottle (for keeping cool), and other sordid things before we leave tomorrow.

Just to catch you up before I go.

These pictures were taken on the new bridge at Hoover Dam.  The lower picture was taken at the same place we were standing (first picture).  Impressive sight.  Stopped by on our way home from Santa Fe.  Then we drove on to Las Vegas and spent the night Mandalay Bay.  Our breathing was a bit easier having descended from 7,000+ feet.

The only time we left the hotel was to, well, leave the hotel for home.  Funny thing happened.  Ray went to the fetch the car from the valet parking.  I stayed in the room waiting for the bellhop.  The bellhop came and he announced that he was taking a different elevator down and that I should use the guest elevators which I did.  Thing was, the lobby and the pool are located on different levels.  When I boarded the elevator, both buttons were lit so I didn’t press the button.  So, when ever one got off, the door closed and up I went again 27 floors.  So I got out and waited for another elevator.  Then when I boarded the elevator, it stopped at the lobby and a bunch of young men got on.  I asked them if they were going down.  Yes they were.  I did not explain myself.  Although one added that he was going down so that he could ride up.  I think we can all agree that we’ve done that trick before.

Well, when I emerged from the elevator and walked out to valet parking, everyone around was relieved.  Ray had them all involved in the game, “where in the world did she go?”  Applause nearly broke out.

Oh, well.  Another adventure in our lives.

Okay, as communications officer of the Catywampus I say, “more to come”!!!

p.s. The Roadkill Cafe served as a rest stop for us.  It was in Seligman, Az on our way to Las Vegas.  It had a sign on the wall instructing all who entered to leave their guns outside.  And there were stuffed animals (the real deal) hanging all over the place.  On the original route 66 by the way!!  And miles away from everything, including the freeway!!

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