Hi… I’m Beau

So, today I was adopted by these people…Ray and Dianna. I was wondering when someone was going to choose me….all my brothers and sisters were picked before me. I was beginning to feel like chopped liver…but then the Jacksons showed up.

It seems that Dianna was talking about her blog and since it rhymes with dog…I figured it was something that I should get involved with along with sniffing the kitchen floor and learning how to walk up and down stairs. I’d had not seen stairs before and they really threw me for a loop.

But I digress. My new parents came and met me, wrote a check, signed some papers, asked all kinds of questions about me and my personal habits and then off we drove to the beach (from Atascadero). Actually, my new mom and I have a lot in common…we were both born in Atascadero but she is ancient. We stopped at a pet store and we all went in and they bought me all kinds of toys and a leash that serves as a dog collar too and some treats. They seem like they are generous enough.

They drove me home while I sat in Dad’s lap and it was a really winding road but I managed to not get sick, apparently to the relief of all concerned.

I’m very nervous about this arrangement. Where’s my real mom? my real dad? I’m lonesome. And the stress has tuckered me out.

My new parents spent the afternoon baking an apple galette which made the kitchen smell really good. Dad moved a crate and some toys and food and water to the garage, they turned on the light and that was the last I saw of them until after 10 p.m. Boy was I glad when they returned but I was also scared and I hid on the other side of the car that they had left in the garage. They found me, took me outside, I relieved myself which seemed to make them exceedingly happy and we all went inside to watch TV. Well, they are. I’m busy authoring my blog. As a puppy, I want to get off on the right foot and blogging seems like a good way to do that.

My mom really got tickled tonight. And I found one my sisters. Yes, mom found out thru Becky, the breeder, that someone who had a house in Morro Bay had adopted one my sisters. And it ended up that mom knew the woman…so doggy beach romps are planned and they are convinced I will love it. I’m not so sure. What’s a beach? I’ve haven’t seen one yet. One thing I know for sure…it sure will be nice to see my sister again. Here is a recent picture my mom just received. Her name is Jaycee.
So, I’m still a bit nervous but I think it will all work out. So, I’m just going to stretch, relax and enjoy the evening. Tomorrow is another day. Of course, I will have to do a little payback as they left me alone for 4 hours and I DID NOT appreciate it. That garage was cold. So, we’ll see what comes. But for old folks, they aren’t bad.

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