Glad Pigs Don’t Fly

Yesterday we took a hike.  We cooked dinner.  We did laundry.  Three of us, Janis, Terry and Allan, drove away and hiked part of the Camino de Santiago.  They left early and came back around 4.  Quite the hike.  Rayman, Dorothy and I were happy that we didn’t do that.  We were happy to stay behind.

I took a nap.  Finally got some rest.  Rayman washed the Mini.  It had accumulated a lot of bird doings.  What’s with all the bird doings in our lives lately?  Oh, well it could be worse.  Glad pigs don’t fly.

After dinner we talked about our interesting families.  And we sat outside until almost 10:00 p.m.  Sun was still sharing it’s light with us.

And that was that.

Here’s the most interesting thing I saw yesterday.  Just cut and paste this link below into your web browser.  Let me know if this works.

Pigs in Spain

Today, we dinged around in Durango, a small town near where we are located.  For history buffs, see this link.   Terry went on line and looked up this info because he was astute enough to notice bullet holes on some of the buildings.   There was one church built in the 1500s and it featured Jesus in a glass box.  It was a bit strange but impressive at the same time.  OH, the organ was very big.  Oh, and it was set on fire when full of church members in 1937.  So much history here.

We thought we were going to eat out tonight.  When we returned to the abode, it was discovered that the restaurants were closed today.  OMG.  So, we just ate stuff.  And Allan was the man of the day.  He brought out the food and sliced the cheese, plated the salami.  He bought gum drops, chocolate covered pastries, cherries, sliced oranges, bread, olives, Good N Plentys.  He opened the wine except for the Rayman who got red wine all over shirt when he tried to open a bottle with a fancy dancy wine bottle opener that malfunctioned.

While we were sitting out, it started raining.  Allan got the umbrella out and opened it.  We sat there under the umbrella and enjoyed the sound of rain on the umbrella.  We would have missed all that had we eaten in a restaurant.  Oh, and Allan even dressed the table with an empty wine bottle filled with flowers.

The other interesting thing we did was visit the two lady cows in the pasture right next to our villa.  They were so cool.   Do all cows have horns?  Terry asked that question.  No one was sure.  It was googled.  Yes they do.  Oh, and CA cows are not happy cows.  They reside in fields of dust.  Often times without shade.  The Spanish cows have it made.  They graze in green pastures, munching chamomile, plenty of shade and only a few in each field.  If you want to see happy cows, come to Spain.

Happy cows.

Tomorrow we visit Bilbou and see the Guggenheim.  Can’t wait.

p.s. Rayman read about the Basque area because Ali let him borrow a book about the region.  So throughout all this time, he has been educating me and some of the others on the history of the area.  Lucky to have him.  But then today, Terry and Allan added much info to the conversation.  The Basque were and are very tough.  And somewhat tribal.  And the ones we have met have been very kind.

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