Gone Was the Wind

This is view this a.m. at sunrise.  Pretty place, uh?

Last nite the wind died.  Now I understand when they write about this in books.  Not only can’t you sail, everything is hot and sticky and stinky.  The wind is your friend on the sea.  Of course, too much wind (read Cayucos in spring) can drive you to drink…there is a happy medium…but everyone can’t live in San Diego!

So, I sit here on the deck listening to the birds caw and scratching my mosquito bites.  I covered up everything last night despite the heat and still the mosquitos found me.

Today we will snorkel, eat dinner off the boat and sail.  Nice relaxing day in store for us.  The only beaking that will occur will be me beaking at Ray to wear his life vest to snorkel.  We’ll see how that goes over!!


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