Go sit Down… I’ll do the Dishes

OMG. What a day.

Got up and after walking the Beau, starting a crossword puzzle, and having breakfast, it was off to the golf course. Morro Bay couldn’t have been prettier. Sunny. Calm. Fabulous. Walked the course and after a shaky start, ended up with a 91. Ray beat me by 1 stroke. Had a great time with our new friends, Hal and Diane.

After posting, we headed home and got things ready for dinner as Hal and Diane were coming to dinner. Oh, but I forgot to mention to two things. On the way out the door this a.m., I broke a ramekin that held Beau’s treats. And then as I attempted to get in the car, I hit my shin, peeled back the skin and dented my tibia. Nothing broken…but damn, it really, really hurt.

So, back to dinner. We prepared some appetizers, lit the fire, brought the chicken to room temp, had a glass of wine, took showers, and I tried to work the Sunday crossword puzzle. Then the door bell rang and we were off to the races. It was so warm we sat outside while Ray barbecued the chicken…an unbelievable day for January 8th.

After champagne, a bottle of shiraz, we sat down and had dinner with another bottle of Le Cuvier zinfandel. Chicken, beans, salad. That simple. That delicious.

Toward the end of the evening, I was telling a story, slammed my hand down, hit my spoon, which became a projectile and it hit me in the forehead. Ouch. What the hell just happened? I laughed till I cried. How the hell did I do that?

Then after Hal and Diane left, I ran to the kitchen to clean the kitchen. While doing my duty, I managed to knock over a champagne glass and broke it. Ray ordered me to sit down. I was a danger to society!!

My bio-rythemes were off today. Good thing I didn’t drive. Lord knows what would have happened.

So, one ramekin, one champagne glass, one knocked up leg and a bump on my forehead…all in one day.

OMG. Well, have to close now. Must get my beauty sleep and hopefully not hurt myself in the process. And Ray? He’s in the kitchen doing the dishes. Love that guy.

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