Friends, Romans, Countrymen

Viewing the Roman ruins in Ephesus was on our agenda today. And as all tours do, we also had surprise stops at a carpet weaving school that included a jewelry store, Mother Mary’s home according to a sick German nun who had a vision of this place and the church took her seriously for some reason I forget and then they went around Ephesus looking for a house that matched her description and they found it and pronounced it so and reconstructed it as most of it was gone and they called it Mother Mary’s house. I don’t know. Perhaps the Ephesus Chamber of Commerce was in cahoots with the church on this one because the place was jam packed with tourists of all persuasions. A museum was on the list of places to visit and also one site that had a catholic church, a mosque and a byzantine chapel, and a Roman temple to some gods. Secular took on a whole new meaning!!

We are happy to announce that no more rugs were purchased. No jewelry. Just one hat for the Rayman that is very cool.

So, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. But before I share them I want to tell you that we were on this tour with a couple from So. Africa, a family of 3 from NZ who are sailing the oceans blue and are on their boat here and an eye surgeon and his daughter from India. A really interesting group of folks to break bread with and spend the day with. I know. I shouldn’t end the sentence with a with. But I’m too tired to rearrange the words at this point. And I know, dear reader, that you will get the point with or without a with at the end of the sentence.

With that, let me share some pictures.

A bed bug.

By the dock of the bay
Mother Mary’s house, reconstructed.
Sort of a catholic wailing wall, wishing wall full of notes they encourage you to hang. We didn’t.
Moi at a small coliseum.
A roman relief of Aphrodite, I think.
Rayman and statue.
Moi and the library at the end of the boulevard of ruins.
Me again, Rayman was on a tear with the camera, standing in front of what is left of the library. Really impressive.
This pictures puts the place in perspective.
The coliseum that sat about 25,000, where John spoke to the Ephesians. Sir Elton John performed here to a much larger crowd.
Loved this sign. May also apply to our new rugs.
Naturally died wool at the carpet school…drying out.
Relief at the museum.
Penis art from the ancients.
We saw thing from the 8th century B.C. Made us feel young. Rayman looking diminutive next to part of a statue.
View from the pool of our hotel. Oh, Aegean, you are beautiful.

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