Earrings, Sirens, and Views

When last I checked in, we were in Mt. Shasta.  Oh, so much has happened.

Let me count the ways.  We left Mt. Shasta and headed north on a fabulous fall day.  Just a few hours north, and we arrived at Running Y Resort.  Here’s my favorite picture of the trip so far.  I snapped this after our round of golf.

Rayman at Running Y 2013


Running Y Ranch is a golf resort right outside Klamath Falls.  We had an 11:00 a.m starting time.  Perfect.  The course was in great shape and so were we.  Both played exceptionally well for our skill set.  Our cart ran out of charge so we called the pro shop and they zipped right out with another.  While riding the course we saw all kinds of birds and fowl.  Geese, ducks, hawks.  Many, many hawks.  On the back nine it got windy and cold.  We each had a Snickers and coffee for lunch at the turn.  Hey, we are on vacation.  Then we repaired to our room, fetched Beau and drove into Klamath Falls for earring shopping.

Klamath Falls isn’t much.  Their idea of a department store is Wal-Mart.  And I don’t shop at Wal-Mart.  However, we found a darling shop and scored some Brighton earrings.  NO SALES TAX here.  Should have held out for diamond studs.  Then we galloped back the Ranch, got cleaned up and went to the dining room for dinner.  One of things that we noticed is how many federal parks there are and all of them were closed.  Such a shame.  Crater Lake was closed.  The town nearby had virtually no visitors because of this.  There are federal forestry stations.  Federal parks.  Federal forests.  We are so lucky to have had Teddy Roosevelt because he was the President that used the powers that he had to get all that land set aside for that generations to come would be able to visit and enjoy nature’s beauty.  Did you know that when he was President, he camped in the open under a Sequoia tree with John Muir in Yosemite?  And he stood up all his patrons whom had gathered at the Lodge in Yosemite so that he might have private time with Mr. Muir?  A fascinating President.  He is one of my heros.  To read more see     http://www.pbs.org/nationalparks/people/historical/roosevelt/

But I digress.

Yesterday, we awoke to a bone chilling wind so we ate at the hotel and while waiting for our breakfast, the fire alarm went on.  And it kept going.  Rayman ran to the room to see how the Beau was handling the ridiculously loud noise.  No problem.  In the meantime, the siren stopped as soon as all guests were thoroughly awake.  I met a couple from Medford that had lived in Laramie and Durango and all kinds of interesting places.  They were archeologists.  She was an archeologist/poet.  A fascinating conversation ensued and twice the server was waved away because they had not yet settled on their order.  Fun times.  Oh, and Rayman’s ears kept ringing.  Drats.

We were glad to race toward Bend once we checked out.  There we went into a Patagonia store and while the Rayman was trying on a shirt, he broke his delicate glasses.  OMG.  So, we went down a few blocks and found a place called Eyes on Wall Street, an optician shop.  They did not have a replacement part but they were very nice.  Before departing Bend, we decided to have a cup of coffee to warm up and found a place that had a restroom that was not a Starbucks.  Rayman inquired within if dogs were allowed.  No.  Afraid not.  However, they suggested we open the fence and go to the backyard.  Check this out.  Didn’t even suspect something like this.  OMG.  We sat in the chairs on the grass and enjoyed our lattes.  And Beau had a ball.


On the bank of the Deschutes River in Bend, OR


Then we were off in search of ice cream in Sisters, OR.  On the way, I snapped these pictures.  Quite beautiful, this state.  Found a store, got our ice cream and headed west over the mountain and down to Corvallis.  However, this is a totally inadequate description of the drive.  The drive was a two lane highway that was tree-lined all the way.  When the trees broke, their were mountain vistas.  Wowie zowie.  Every turn in the road exposed more beautiful scenery until I had to ask the Rayman to pull over.  Time for a few photos.


Sky and environs in OR


One of the Sisters Mountains


Rayman poses in front of a fabulous tree…again













When we got down off the mountain, we drove by Green Peter Dam.  I kid you not.  The Dam provided a lake and the lake had a rest stop.  We stopped.  Here’s a pic.



This was near Sweet Home, OR where there I stopped a sign that announced a covered bridge.  I found the bridge and it wasn’t much.  Then we proceeded to Corvallis where we arrived before dark.  Forgot to eat dinner and by the time Ryan showed up, it was too late to eat.  How did that happen?  Don’t know so we had red wine and chocolate and almonds instead.

Visited with Ryan until the lids got heavy and bid our adieus.

This a.m. we met for breakfast and discussed world affairs.  Plenty to discuss.  Then we found an eyewear store that could fix his glasses, met up with Ryan for a walk with him and his doggie, Lucy, and Beau.  Now the guys are golfing.  I’m staying in to rest and read because I just want to do that and it gives them a little time by themselves which is something I have historically done.  A nice touch, I think.

We are here for three nights.  Then it’s on to Bandon!!  Our anniversary is tomorrow and Ryan has the day off so we plan to go wine tasting, eat at a tapas restaurant and generally have a great time.  May see the movie, Gravity.  I’ve volunteered to the be the designated driver.  Our anniversary gift to ourselves is the golf a Bandon on Monday and Tuesday.  Just so fabulous to get to see the kid too!!


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