Dining in Paso

We were invited to dinner in Paso.  A lifetime friend, Tim, and his wife, Donnie, invited us over for fish.  (Here’s a picture of Tim, above).  We have been to their home before for dinner except then it was in the winter and it was dark at 6 p.m.

So, we gathered ourselves up and drove to Paso.  Because we had only been there once and they live out in the country, sort of, I entered their address into Glenda, our GPS.  Glenda did manage to get lost as we drove over Old Creek Road but it wasn’t her fault.  She lost her signal.  And we knew where we were going.  No problemo.  She came around on highway 46 and all was well in the world.

So, we arrived as planned right at 6 p.m.  I announced our arrival to Ray by saying, “Here we are”.  So Ray turned into the driveway.  And I remarked, “Wow, look at all the cars here”.  Ray offered, “That truck hasn’t been moved in a long time.  Look at how dusty it is”.  I figured that they had invited others.  However, the dust was thick.  But there were two other vehicles parked in the driveway that weren’t dusty.

So, anyway, we approached the front door and rang the bell.  No one came to the door.  We rang again but this time I rang it twice.  No one came to the door.  Again, I rang it twice.  Well, perhaps they were in the backyard barbecuing?  Or in the lou?  Or…well, who knows.  So, I decided to call on my cell.  Donnie answered by saying, “Are you lost?”  I said, “No.  We’re standing at your front door ringing your doorbell”.  She said, “Oh.  I didn’t hear it.  We’ll be right there”.  Click.

No one came.

We were at the wrong house.  OMG.  We missed it by one driveway.  OMG.  How embarrassing.  As Ray backed out of the driveway, we started laughing.  By the time we drove one house further, Tim was standing out in front of HIS house.  Laughing.  Donnie came out.  Laughing.

Look.  There is no excuse.  But if it hadn’t of happened that way Tim would not have been able to say over dinner as a response, “Hell, Dianna, you couldn’t even find your way here using GPS”…or something like that which got us laughing so hard my sides ached.  So, here’s to making mistakes.  It leads to so much fun sometimes.  Life ain’t perfect.  Shit happens.

But don’t we have fun?!!

Oh, and that is not the fish we ate.  This is a picture of a fish he line caught in Alaska.  He and Donnie do the darnest things!!

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