Day two – Pacific Grove

What a fabulous day it was.  Beautiful.  Shorts and short sleeve weather.  Light breeze.  Not sure it could have been better.

An update first.  Donna left us to go to Kaiser.  Her cut hurt.  She didn’t sleep.  She ended up in San Jose where they tended to her wound.  Too late to stitch.  She plans to return tomorrow.  To play.  Wonder Woman?  One wonders.

We drove to PG, had breakfast and teed off after watching deer, well…fornicating behind a bush.  Frisky deer.  I played with Linda and sista Judy.  The real sisters played as a foursome.

We all scored within a few strokes of one another.  Fun, fun, fun.

Returned home, ordered pizza to be delivered, ate baked artichoke hearts, drank plenty of wine.  I downloaded courses to Carolyn’s skycaddie.  Had watermelon for dessert (3 of us), watched Dancing with the Stars (all or part of it).  I’m upstairs in bed writing in the dark (except for the light of my MacBook.  Listening to the waves break.

Just about a perfect day all the way around.  I took movies today which I will try to download another day.


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