Bruises in Borrego

It’s hard to believe that we have been on the road a full week and a day.  Time is an amazing thing.  It seems to slip by slowing only to speed by at the same time.  What is that phenom called?  There must be, in physics, a law that describes it.  However, I never studied physics and so I don’t know.


Much has happened and I’d put falling down at the top of that list.  While visiting our friends in space 35 (guessing on the space number), I engaged with the folks next door.  They had a kitty cat.  Beau saw the cat, dashed toward it with me at the end of the leash.  I feel off balance and did a half gainer into the dirt, hitting my nose, knocking off my glasses, bruising my left breast and narrowly missing the steel box that houses the electrical stuff that we plug in to while camping.  While I whine about my injuries, it is amazing that I did not break my glasses, my head or any bones.  Well, I may have bruised a rib.  Not sure except that it hurts when I swing the club certain ways.  Golf clubs, that is.

So there was that.

Since arriving in Borrego Springs, it has been hot, hot, hot.  You’d think it was a desert.  Unseasonably warm is how one local described it.  But get this.  It rained so much this winter, and it is so warm that every flower in the desert in abloom.  The mountains around us are usually brown.  This year they sport lots of green.  The valley floor is amazing in it’s abundance of flowers.  Super-bloom they are calling it.  And they be right.   And because every major paper (LATimes, NYTimes, Wash Post) have featured articles about the event, the entirety of southern CA hopped in their cars and drov here for the weekend.  We’ve been visiting Borrego Springs for many years and have never seen anything like it.  Bumper to bumper cars, trucks, motorcycles converged in a town of 3,000 people and swelled it to 25,000 petal peepers.



So, on Sunday, we joined some of our oldest friends and others to stand on the corner of a roundabout (how is that even possible?) and held up our protest signs for all the people in all the vehicles to see.  Got flipped off quite a bit but also had lots and lots of people waving, blaring their horns in approval.  It was fun.  There were about 40 of us.  It was hot.  I was relieved when the protest organizer told everyone to go home and hour after we arrived.  It was to go for two hours but the heat was intense.  In the 90s.  High 90s.


Then there was the full moon.  Absolutely stunning as it rose above the desert floor.  And it set as the sun was rising the next morning.  Beautiful place for a full moon.  The other thing is that at home, we don’t sit out at night and the desert nights have been righteous.  Warm and wonderful.  We have eaten outdoors every evening and this helps focus the eyes on the surroundings.  The moon might have been missed in Morro Bay.  Not here.

We’ve played golf three times this week in the heat so we’ve been drinking a lot of water and Gatorade.  I’m puffy but hydrated.  Same with Mr. J.  And Beau.


Jake and K.C. and us standing amongst the flowers.

Most of our bicycles friends came earlier this year and have left.  We miss them.  Besides being bicycle “animals”, they are some of the nicest people on the planet.  And they all enjoy good food and drinks.  Every night is a party.  Not wild so just disabuse yourself of that notion right now!!

lOh, and the big bummer here is that there are so many people in town, we can’t get the internets to work worth a darn.  So, whatever stupid thing Trump is doing, we are being spared.  That said, our DishTV is working great and we plan to watch Bill Maher tonight.  Surely it will be funny.  Wonder if he’ll wear green for St. Paddy’s day?  And is anyone watching Little Big Lies?  My goodness.

One more week here and then it’s off to Santee, near San Diego for a few weeks of frivolity.  The time will seem like it is moving slowly but as soon as we know it, we’ll be in San Diego Zoo.  As visitors, not residents.

Hoping it is cooler there.

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