Boulder Babes Strikes again

For the uninitiated, the Boulder Babes is a group of women that should know  better…but thank goodness we don’t.  Sort of.  Anyway, we are a group of 8 (ocho mujares) women (I’m studying espanol now) who go off once a year to ….well, have fun playing golf and on occasion, acting crazy.

So, where do I start this years adventure?  At the beginning?  Perhaps not.  Let me start by telling you that Kris thinks I’m dark.  This emerged as quite a revelation and so I said to her, “Dark?  Me?”  And she muttered something about my emails.  Now, for the casual observer, I read interesting articles on the internet and pass them along.  Most are left-leaning but I also pass along other tidbits that I find fascinating…like the one about dolphins.  Did you know that researchers have discovered that dolphins recognize themselves in the mirror?  or health articles.  But mostly left-leaning political articles.  I do this because I can’t help myself.  And I hope people will read them, but I know most do not.  I don’t care.  You can lead a horse to water…

So, Kris thinks I’m dark.  So, I said in self defense, “How can you say that?  Didn’t you read my blog?”  Oh, well.  I think she must think I talk politics on my blog.  Can’t help that.

Really, this conversation happened because we were discussing Mad Men.  I love that show.  Well, Kris and Donna have given up on it because it is too dark.  This saddens me.  Mad Men has always been dark.  Just listen to the opening score.  They disagree and have erased all the episodes.  Oh, well.  I love Mad Men.

We had a very eventful evening.  We all arrived about 3:30 and the games began.  Some of the Babes had played golf at Salinas Country Club and partied the night before.  They didn’t look green behind the gills, so I guess last night was tame.  Tonight would be another thing.

In an effort to get maximum fun out of this annual outing, we decided to order food to go and eat in so we could drink more?  I was delegated to pick up the food by Kris.  Didn’t mind as I didn’t want to drink much anyway.  Linda  volunteered to go with me to pick it up.  Most people ordered pulled pork, steak sandwiches and two of us had pasta.  Then there were 4 artichokes which we all split.  Yummy.  As some of us were cleaning up, Donna cut herself on a wine glass.  None of us were surprised.  Donna is a bit accident prone.  The problem was that the cuts were deep.  So, after Nurse Betty (Kris) and her sidekick, Sue, tried to fashion a butterfly bandage out of sports tape, it was decided to go to a Med Stop so Linda (my trusty helper as she went with me to the restaurant) and I took Donna to the Med Stop that was closed.  She refused (for good reason, she had languished there with heart palpatations several years ao) to go to the hospital emergency room, so we turned around and came home.  Donna promised to call her Doctor in the morning.  We’ll see.

So, that was pretty exciting to everyone but Donna.

The plan tomorrow is to have breakfast at the golf course, stop for frozen artichokes, eat at Phil’s in Moss Landing and come home to god knows what else.

In the meantime, I’ll try not to be so dark.

Lightly yours,  me

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