Birds Do It

If it’s Tuesday, it must be Morro Bay.  The weekend came and went as we hunkered down trying to avoid peeps from other places coming to enjoy the beach.  Does that make our house a beachhead?  Or better yet, does that make us beachheads?

But I digress.

Took Beau for a walk today and tuckered him out.  Walked around the golf course.  The county has closed the road to Black Mountain, so we can walk in the middle of the road without fear of getting squashed by a motorist.  The sounds of silence were terrific.  The birds are breeding and their vocals are fabulous.  Wish I knew each kind of bird and it’s particular song so that I could report back what I heard.  The birds are out doing it.   Leaves rustling, breeze chiming in…I wonder if the birds notice any difference with the lack of human activity?  


California poppies. Espied on the walk.

We were gone for more than an hour because the Beauzer needs to sniff.  Toward the apex of the walk, I was practically dragging him…it was warm and he was hot and apparently tired.  Probably wondering why I had to take him so far from home.  

This staying home thing is for the birds now that I am thinking about birds.   A ride is in order.  Maybe this afternoon we will jump in the car and go somewhere.  Wine has been shipped and it is scheduled to arrive today and we must be home to sign.  Dragsville.

There is still plenty to do around here but what’s the hurry?   So sleeping in is our big new thing.  8:15 this a.m.  Really.  Unheard of by the Rayman.  He must have been exhausted from playing sudoku.  

My chicken soup was a bust.  No one can believe it.  It was bland and boring and I won’t be sharing that recipe.   Tonight we will kick it up a notch with ribs on the barbie.  Yams.  Tossed salad.  Garlic toast.

The saddest part of my existence right now is the lack of chocolate in the house.  I have some on order so it won’t be forever…but man, do I miss the chocolate.  Chocolate and port is my usual sweet ending for the evening and it never fails to fulfill me!!

So there you have it.  A blog that is somewhat boring but at the same time informative in the age of Corona.  


House with new front plantings, and ladders for the painters and Beau.

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