Bernie Arrived!!!

Hi again,

To the airport again and this time, success. Bernie is here!!

He buys a CityRail pass and we return to the house to drop off his stuff. Then we head back to downtown Sydney. What a spectacular day. Warmer.

Today we head to Manly beach. This involves long walks, climbing stiars, dipping our toes in the Tasman Sea (cold but not quite as cold as home). To get to Manly beach, we elected to catch the ferry. Wow. It was a beautiful ride. Right by the Opera House. Fabulous. And Manly beach was great too. Had a great time.


Returned home at the height of rush hour. Fixed dinner. Oh, I forgot. On our walk along Manly Bay, we met an Aussie that asked what we were planning to do while in AU. We mentioned the Great Barrier Reef. He mentioned that we should do the Night Zoo. So, as soon as dinner was over and we were relaxing, I booked us two tickets to the Night Zoo. Bernie was sleeping so we did not assume he would want to do this. We’ll check tomorrow.

Here’s the info.

Doesn’t that sound fabulous? Can’t wait!!

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