Adios Amigos!!

Well, here we sit on the tarmac at the San Antonio airport.  The stop was being made so that we could refuel on our way to Cancun because big golfers have big golf clubs and big golf bags and big everything.  The weight was too heavy for the plane to fly non-stop.  Bummer.  So, the stop was necessary for fuel.  We needed more gas, so to speak.

Thing is, this trip is arranged by a tour operator called ITL.  This is the second trip we have done, last year being our first.  Well, ITL had contracted with Alaska Airlines up until this year.  They changed to Sky King.  Let me just say, if you get the opportunity to book with Sky King, run the other way.  Rumor has it that they transport NFL teams etc.  Don’t believe it.  Those guys wouldn’t put up with outfit in a New York minute.  So what, pray tell, happened?

Three words.  Navy fighter pilot.  Oh, read a few more words.  Read old plane.  Read small 737.  Read old plane.  Oh, I already mentioned that.  The fighter pilot took the 737 in for a landing that the old plane didn’t appreciate…read bounced with a thud upon contacting the tarmac.  End result?  A broken strut and a 5 or 6 hour delay while the part could be located (in FL), trucked to the airport (the van driver got lost, what?  Didn’t he have GPS?), the repair made.  For the first 3 hours we were stuck on the old bird.  Sitting on the tarmac.  Finally, aware that they’d be in big trouble if they didn’t let us off the plane, they arranged for a free meal (not to exceed $10) and ride to the terminal with a van that seated about 8 people.  Realizing that it would take a great deal of time shuttling us, they arranged for a second bigger van.  It still took a long time.  We invaded the terminal and ate and drank and then we sat and sat and sat waiting for the plane to arrive at the Gate 9 for the continuation of our flight.  The flight from San Antonio to Cancun took 2 1/2 hours plus we lost 2 hours.  Then after Customs (which the Mexicans take very seriously), we faced a 1 1/2 hour bus ride to the resort which is actually just north of Tulum.  We arrived in one piece at our room about 1 a.m., 11 p.m. CA time.  Given that we got up at 4:30 a.m. in Oakland, it was by any account a very long day.

Our friends Tom and Ruth were worse off.  One of their bags went missing for a time.  And then they were selected as the ones to have security rummage through every piece of luggage that they brought.  By this time all the nice big busses were gone, and they found themselves with mothers with small children, and the elderly that moved slowed and they were transported in a rickety old van that held 15.  Not what they envisioned as the start of a perfect vacation.  Oh, well.  At least we all got here safe but unsound!!


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