A Day of Work

Today, we swabbed the deck, did laundry and generally cleaned the place up.  And we sailed!!  There was wind!!  It didn’t last too long, the sailing as we were low on water and needed to go to a port that sold water and gas and other necessities.  The terrible picture of us above is me trying to figure out the self-timer function on the camera.

We also watched the wooden boat regatta.  This is a race that has been going on annually for 41 years.  There were quite a few old wooden boats participating and it was fun to see them.  So we circled around and observed and then retired the sail and motored to the port at ?  There we went ashore using the dinghy and had lunch at Sydney’s.  Ray and I split a lobster sandwich with fries.  Yummy!!

Then it was off to the port with the stuff we needed.  Once we got our provisions, we pulled up to a mooring ball and Ray and I cooked a pasta dinner.  We barbecued the veggies and it turned out swell.

Then we yucked it up and went to bed.  Tired and spent.



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