A Day in Wine Country

Our chateau in Beaune.  It even has a moat!!

Beaune and the surrounding area are immersed in wine.  There are wine shops all over the place.  And the hills are alive with grape vines!!  When we first arrived, we asked Francois (our host) about wine tours.  He came back with a price of 135 euro/per person.  We declined.  So we drove into Beaune (we’re actually staying at a chateau in Chorey (right next to Beaune) and went to the visitors center.  Found out we could get a group tour for 39 euros so we booked a tour for what was today.  We also booked a TGV (high speed train) for Ryan from Dijon to Charles de Gaulle.  So we decided to drive to Dijon today to check out the train station and a Best Western hotel that is walking distance to the station since he has a 0600 (6 a.m.) ticket.  We did all that and went on the wine tour guide with Lou Lou, the french homme (man) that says they name only dogs, and puppets Lou Lou.  And him!!!  Oh, we met some of people staying at the chateau.  One couple was from Bruges (Belgium).  They spoke english, german and french.  Wow.  Then we met another couple that were also at least bilingual.  As we were leaving, couple number two were also leaving to go to Sancerre.  When we asked them why Sancerre, he replied, “I’m french and so I know where all the french bastards go…and it’s not to Sancerre”.  He was very funny.  We all got a good laugh!!

Vineyards in the region

These caves are under the chateau and are almost 300 years old.

Beouf Bourguignon (don’t remember how to spell it), how can I mess it up so bad?  Well, that’s the question Ryan and I had after dinner last night.  Dinner was too salty.  Pomme de terre gratin (gratin of potatoes) was very good.  We sacrificed food quality for the fun we had sitting outdoors at one of their famous outdoor tourist traps.  All at once you get the ambience and so-so food…oh, well.  It was great people watching.  And not too much smoke…

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